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Les Baux de Provence - Saint Remy de Provence


Three neighboring vineyards - Château Romanin (Demeter), Domaine des Terres Blanches and Domaine de la Vallongue have been cultivating organic viticulture for decades in a beautiful and ecologically intact landscape.

Their vineyards are surrounded and protected by forest and mountains from extraneous influences.
Despite geologically and climatically identical conditions, theirs your organic wines wines do not differ in their fundamentally high quality, but nevertheless with regard to their fragrances, aromas and characteristics.

Organic wines from the Les Baux de Provence region at Saint Remy de Provence fill your mouth with fruity spicy aromas without emptying your pockets!

Experience and enjoy these outstanding organic wines by ordering one or both of our
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  Organic Wine Selection from Saint Remy de Provence with 9 bottles at 78.60 Euro
  instead  of 82.75



   Super-Organic Wine-Selection from Les Baux de Provence with 9 bottles at 120.95 Euro
   insted of statt 127,30

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   Château Romanin - biodynamic wines (Demeter) - all wines and information 


















   Domaine de la Vallongue - organic wine, all wines and information

















   Domaine des Terres Blanches - organic wine, all wines and information






Aceto Balsamcio (Balsamessig) di Modena do you probably all know?

But have you ever tried Crema di Balsamico?

With the strawberry season also begins the time for the Crema di Balsamico,
because both fit together wonderfully. And how Crema di Balsamico
can still be used, you can find out with a click on the bottle at left:



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Biowein-Selektion aus der Provence mit 9 Flaschen zu € 78,60 statt € 82,75



Super-Biowein-Selektion aus der Provence mit 9 Flaschen zu € 120,95 statt € 127,30

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   Château Romanin - Demeterweine - alle Weine und Infos


















   Domaine de la Vallongue - Biowein, alle Weine und Infos

















   Domaine des Terres Blanches - Biowein, alle Weine und Infos