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Château Romanin

biodynamically produced wines according to the methods of the Demeter association from

Les Baux de Provence










                                                                                                                                                   Franck Breau, in charge
                                                                                                                                                   of Château Romanin

  The wines from Château Romanin :                                 

Le Coeur de Romanin red                                                  Château Romanin red                   

   Château Romanin rosé (sorry, it is sold out)                             Romanin Alpilles IGP rosé   (sorry, it is sold out)

   Château Romanin white                                                      Romanin Alpilles IGP red     (earlier Mas de Romanin)

   Château Romanin, La Chapelle de Romanin red               Romanin Alpilles IGP white  (earlier Mas de Romanin)                             


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The Château Romanin is a model wine estate built around sustainability in many of its aspects, and beauty. It was dug almost completely into the rocks of Les Alpilles not far from the former Château Romanin from which remains of its ruins can still be seen. 
When arriving on the road from Saint Remy and searching for the Château Romanin, it is better look for the road signs or the navigation device to find it, because it can't bee seen from below.

The wine processing and the storage of the wines does not need electrical climatisation because of the naturally existing
cool temperatures deep under the rocks.

The vineyard areas consist of numerous parcels with different types of soil, all of which are made of wood and 
garrigues (scrubbs), which form an ecologically valuable ecotope, as well as the cold mistral winds and unwanted   foreign influences. Combined with very favorable climatic conditions and the biodynamic viticulture according to    Demeter guidelines, Franck Breau creates best organic wines here.

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