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Biowein [pure] Hartl is Germany's first wine organic wine importer since 1983

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What makes us happy is the feeling,
that we contribute to protect the einvironment 
and that we provide pleasure to others
by what we do.



Dear customer,

we trust in your sense of smell and taste as a guide for the purchase and enjoyment of wines to which you will keep in your memory for a long time. That is why we are looking for the best possible organic wines from every region and every price category.


They offer real pleasure as well as the following organic wines from Spain, which we recommend to you in the context of the autumn savings weeks with 10% discount.
These prices are valid for the purchase of 6 bottles for each variety and at least a total of 12 bottles:




Bodegas Bagordi, Rioja DO, organic red wine, € 7.02 instead of 7.70
6 per box

Bodegas Langa, Calatayud DO, organic white wine, € 5.85 instead of 6,50
Gold medal - International Bioweinpreis

6 per box

Bodegas Langa, Calatayud DO, organic red wine, € 6.75 insteaf of 7.50
Silber medail - International Bioweinpreis

6 per box

Vinos Cartan, Navarra DO, organic red wine € 7.83 instead of 8.70
6 per box

Vinos Cartan, Navarra DO, Seleccion, organic red wine, € 9.86 instead of 10.95
6 per box

From  Château la Canorgue - South of France  


Côtes du Luberon AOC organic red wine 
12 per box € 10,60/bottle instead of 12.50


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  Your advantages buying wines from Biowein[pur] Hartl:

      ⚫️  No minimum order  for private customers

      ⚫️  Genuine, honest and pure organic wines we know personally since 30 - 40 years

      ⚫️  delivery within between 2 - 5 days depending on the destination

      ⚫️  pre-selected Organic wine boxes with a 5 % discount

      ⚫️ low shipping rates  - please see shipping/payment

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