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Why do we act this way?


Wine is the beauty spot on the cheek of intelligence

I heard this old English saying during a wine seminar I was allowed to attend at a college in Cambridge in 1964.

Today I ask myself what is beautiful or even intelligent about the conventional way of making wine with the help of artificial fertilizers and large amounts of chemicals?

Conventional viticulture does not contribute to producing better wines. When viewed holistically, the opposite is the case, because it damages the environment enormously and is just as harmful to the health of vineyard workers as it is to consumers. Conventional viticulture is, in my view, an eyesore on the cheek of intelligence and just a clever way of making cheaper wines, but not better wines.

So the saying should be:

Organic wine is the beauty spot on the cheek
of intelligence

I add a sense of responsibility to the attributes of beauty and intelligence. Our organic winegrowers have this at their disposal and of course, you as our customers as well.

We at Biowein [pur] would like to thank you for that and wish you happy holidays and a happy new year.

Angebot_Italy-SetWe have put together an Italy set for spontaneous, flexible or forgetful people - see picture on the left, to give presents to others or yourself:

Italy set
Italy set
contains 1 bottle best olive oil, 1 bottle Chianti DOCG from Tenuta San Vito, as well as 1 bottle original Aceto Aceto Balsamico di Modena from the Fattoria degli Orsi. (with discount)

Fine festive pearls
When, if not now, would be the right time for delicious Prosecco, Cremant de Bordeaux, or Cava from the Penedes to give away and to

Or discover our new organic wines from Spain from the Can Descregut winery, which boasts wonderful white and red organic wines and also has excellent and inexpensive organic cava (sparkling wine made with bottle fermentation like champagne) to offer.

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Bioweine Bag in Box

Speaking of organic wine in a bag in a box

You can save when buying wine by buying organic wines of good quality and traceable origin in a bag in box from us. They are all bottled at the wineries that also produced the wines. Our organic wines in bag in box come from Bordeaux, the RhôneVeneto and Portugal. This is a good alternative to the cheapest bottled organic wines from unknown origin that are worth less than its price.

                                                             Bioweine Bag in Box

We differentiate ourselves from others by being

  • only lead organic wines and biodynamic wines and no conventionally produced wines.
  • do not offer so-called branded wines of unknown origin.
  • only buy and sell original estate bottlings.
  • no wines imported from overseas - Argentina, Australia, Chile, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and USA. In doing so, we are acting in an environmentally conscious manner according to René Dubois' motto "think globally, act locally", which he presented at the 1972 environmental summit in Paris.
  • know every organic winery, the location and condition of the vineyards (with a few exceptions due to Corona), the working conditions and the social situation of the employees and the winegrowing families.
  • test each of our wines, know them and describe them as factually and objectively as possible.
  • assess the value of an organic wine based on the following facts: land costs, investment in buildings, machines, etc., location of the vineyards, number of vines/ha, harvest volume/ha, number of employees, personnel costs and the quality of the wines.
  • lost none of our initial enthusiasm for organic wine over the years.
  • We owe this above all to the many very nice and loyal customers who support us.


Our organic wines are award-winning

We do not just promise you delicious organic wine. Numerous institutions have already awarded the wines of our winegrowers with recognized medals, which many winegrowers proudly print themselves on the label. We deliver award-winning organic wines from France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria and Germany. We always know who bottles this wine on which winery and work closely with the winemakers to ensure a quality product that meets our high standards. Whether Riesling, red wine, white wine, rosé, Cabernet, or Sauvignon Blanc: In our online shop you get only the best organic quality.




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We are happy if we find your interest.

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