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With us you buy organic wine from family owned
wineries and no wines of unknown origin.

Why do we act this way?


Celebrate with us the 40th anniversary of organic wine [pur]
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This offer is valid until April 30

You will receive the organic wines from Priorat shown above when you buy

  • Single bottles with 5% discount
  • in a package with all 6 bottles as shown with a 10% discount
  • 6 bottles of each variety with a 10% discount
  • 12 bottles of each variety with a 15% discount

Please click on the photo to order and for all information about the
Wineries Solà Classic Mas Hereu and Clos Galena.





Wine is the beauty spot on the cheek of intelligence

This old English proverb no longer applies to conventional viticulture. Because none of the toxic pesticides contribute to improving the quality of the wine. You, however, the environment, the workers in the vineyard and finally the consumers. What is intelligent, beautiful and responsible about it?  The saying should therefore be:


Organic wine is the beauty spot on the cheek
of intelligence

Of course you as our customers and our organic wines have the beauty mark on the cheek of intelligence.



Speaking of organic wine in a bag in a box

You can use the Save money on wine by buying organic wines of good quality and traceable origin in bag in box from us. They are all bottled at the wineries that produced the wines. Our organic wines in bag in box come from Bordeaux, Veneto, and from Portugal. This is a good alternative to the cheapest bottled organic wine of unknown origin, which is worth less than its price.


We differentiate ourselves from others by

  • only carry organic wines and biodynamic wines and no conventionally produced wines.
  • don't offer no so-called branded wines of unknown origin .
  • buy and sell only original estate bottlings.
  • don't import wines from overseas - Argentina, Australia, Chile, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and USA . In doing so, we are acting in an environmentally conscious manner, following René Dubois' motto "think globally, act locally", which he presented at the 1972 environmental summit in Paris.
  • know every organic winery, the location and condition of the vineyards (with a few exceptions due to Corona), the working conditions and the social situation of the employees and the winegrowers families.
  • test each of our organic wines, know them and describe them as factually and objectively as possible.
  • assess the value of an organic wine based on the following facts: property costs, investment in buildings, machines, etc., Location of the vineyards, number of vines/ha, harvest volume/ha, number of employees, personnel costs and the quality of the organic wines.