Bioweingut Hofer

Bioweingut Hofer

Bioweingut Hofer

This organic winery cultivates 30 hectares of vineyards in the municipality of Auersthal in the southern part of the Weinviertel, practically at the gates of Vienna. Here the landscape begins to get hilly and viticulture is increasingly replacing the otherwise agriculturally used soils.

The Hofer organic winery is mainly managed by the Hofer family, i.e. Hermann Hofer the winemaker, his wife Maria, and 1 daughter and 2 sons. Relatives and friends also come to lend a hand during the grape harvest.



The following grape varieties are cultivated:

  • 53 % Gruener Veltliner
  • 15 % Zweigelt
  • 10 % Riesling
  • 8 % Welschriesling
  • 4 % St. Laurent
  • 1 % Pinot Blanc
  • In addition, 9% of the variety Gelber Muskateller is planted in a mixed set together with fungus-tolerant grape varieties in a vineyard. 9% consists of a mixed set, yellow muscatel and red mushroom-tolerant varieties.

All grapes are hand-picked from late September to early November. This results in fine organic wines that are fermented spontaneously with the grape's own yeast as far as possible. The fermentation and maturation of the wines takes place in stainless steel tanks as well as in large wooden barrels and in barriques.

Since 2019 the winery has been converting to biodynamic viticulture according to Demeter rules with the aim of increasing the wine quality even more.

Organic winery Hofer, organic wines from the Weinviertel



Gruener Veltliner, DAC, Ried Vogelsang, white

Gruener Veltliner, DAC, Ried Kirchlissen, Reserve, white

Gruener Veltliner, Landwein, 1 l, white

Zweigelt "Klassik", red

St. Laurent, red

Zweigelt, Landwein, 1 l, red

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 The Hofer family                                                             Spring in the vinyard of Bioweingut Hofer