Domaine du Joncier

Domaine du Joncier



Born in Algeria and raised in the south of France on her father's winery, Marine Roussel was driven to the distant future. She absolutely did not want to become a winemaker, which her father urged her to do. Instead, she felt closer to the fine arts than viticulture.

She became a graphic designer and left her rural, wine-growing homeland.


Only in 1989 did she return to her family in Tavel, which is famous for its excellent rosé wines and Lirac wines. Her father handed her the winery the Domaine du Joncier and equipped her with the basic knowledge that had to suffice for the time being. It was a time of learning, of observing the vineyards, the vines, their response to rain, sun, wind.

The seasonal work in the vineyard and in the cellar took up all her time, in between she continued her education and recognized with natural common sense that the use of chemicals in the vineyard could not be the solution to the problems. At that time there was already a lot of literature from scientists and experienced winegrowers and farmers about biological and biodynamic working methods in viticulture, which she read and finally applied.

The harvests were smaller, but the quality of the wines could be increased. Marine Roussel was content with her life and her work.

After more than 30 years as an independent winemaker, Marine Roussel sold the Domaine du Joncier to the Abeille-Fabre family, who owns the Château Mont Redon in Châteauneuf du Pape, which is not cultivated organically, but only according to the method of the HEV association for integrated plant protection . It is to be hoped that biodynamic viticulture and membership in the
Demeterbund will be maintained at the Domaine du Joncier.

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