Piedra Bodega y Vinedos

Piedra Bodega y Vinedos

As a wine lover, you can be enchanted by the secrets and riddles that are hidden in this drink. You want to know more about it and in extreme cases you become a wine merchant or, as in the case of Grant Stein, even a winery owner and winemaker.

If you have previously worked professionally and financially successfully like Grant Stein, a Scot and lawyer from Edinburgh and had plenty to draw from, it is easy to realize your ideas. In this case it was the production of good wines according to organic rules in combination with another hobby of falconry and the keeping of birds of prey, which would not be possible on poisoned soil (insecticides).

For this purpose, production halls were built in the immediate vicinity of the vineyards, equipped with the most modern machines, devices, coolable stainless steel tanks and new barriques. Highly qualified agronomists were hired for the viticulture sector and oenologists specialized in the winemaking.

The plots with more than 60-year-old Tinta de Toro and Garnacha vines were then planted and cultivated very spaciously and at a great distance from each other in Gobelet style. This allowed their branches to spread widely on the ground and catch the sun's rays well. At that time this method was considered to promote quality, today it is expensive because the grapes cannot be harvested mechanically.

In addition to these red grape varieties, the white Verdejo, which is very successful in neighboring Rueda, and the Albillo Real, Malvasía Castellana are also cultivated.

By the way, the name of the Bodega Piedra winery means stone and that is also the name of its owner.

Addendum: If you have been a customer of ours for a long time, you can remember that we used to offer organic Toro wine. Unfortunately, their quality was unreliable and the prices unreasonably high, so we ended working with this winemaker.

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Bodegas Piedra, Toro D.O. Auroch, organic wine, red, 2018, from 13.00

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