Tenuta San Vito

Tenuta San Vito

The Tenuta San Vito was in 1982 one of the first organic wineries in Tuscany, on which organic viticulture was introduced.


To this beautiful winery belong about 30 hectares of vines, 20 hectares of olive groves and 100 hectares of forest, which surrounds the entire property and protects it from foreign vineyards.

Photo: Neri Gazulli, winemaker Tenuta San Vito





The Tenuta San Vito on top of a hill high above the Arno valley


Tenuta San Vito is just a few kilometers from Florence. Nestled in a varied, typical Tuscan hills in soothing silence and romantic seclusion. Here it is possible not only to produce pure organic wine without disturbing foreign influences (spraying agents of neighboring farmers), but also to spend an enchanting and relaxing holiday at the winery.



on the way from the old oil mill to the Tenuta San Vito


The recent history of Tenuta San Vito

began with the purchase of the property by Roberto Drighi and the planting of vines and olive trees in 1960. His daughter Laura recognized around 1980 the negative effects of chemical agriculture on the environment and product quality. As a psychologist, she managed to overcome the initial resistance of your father and all employees to the introduction of the biological way of working. Today, almost 40 years later, the production of high quality organic wines and organic olive oils is a matter of course.



Tenuta San Vito, in these large Barrels the Chianti wines mature

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Tenuta San Vito, Chianti DOCG, red, organic wine, from € 9.95

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Tenuta San Vito, purest organic olive oil extra vergine, 500 ml, Tuscany

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Tenuta San Vito, purest organic olive oil extra vergine, 5 l, Tuscany

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Tenuta San Vito Grappa organic Fior di Selva,500 ml, top quality

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