Weingut Mohr, Lorch in the Rheingau, organic wine

Weingut Mohr, Lorch in the Rheingau, organic wine

The Mohr Weingut in Lorch am Rhein in the Rheingau was founded in 1875 by Wilhelm Mohr III. It has been organically farmed by Jochen Neher and his wife Saynur Sonkya-Neher sinTce 2014 and certified by ECOVIN. Here, first-class organic wines and organic sparkling wines are created in natural harmony and offer you pure enjoyment.


In the 10 hectare vineyards, some of which are located on steep slopes, the vines have been deeply rooted or decades; the oldest vines are more than 80 years old. The soils made of blue slate, red phyllite slate, gray Taunus slate and quartz store the heat of the sun and thus help thef late-ripening Riesling grapes ripen perfectly. It is they who shape the unique character of organic wines and enable you to enjoy them naturally.

The vineyards are planted with the varieties Riesling (75%), Pinot Blanc (10%), Pinot Noir (10%), Silvaner (2%) and Scheurebe (1%).

All grapes are harvested manually, fermented in the winery's cellar, aged and bottled. The responsibility for the organic wines lies in one hand. Depending on the location of the vineyard and the age of the vines, the harvest quantity is 20 hl or a maximum of 60 hl per hectare.

Mohr, Jochen-Neher-grape-harvest-Hoellenberg

The winery's best vineyards are: Lorcher Krone, Bodental-Steinberg and Schlossberg, as well as Assmannhäuser Höllenberg.

The organic wines from the Mohr winery were awarded:

3 stars from VINUM MAGAZINE

For the 5th time, Selection magazine honored the Mohr winery as the best organic winery in the Rheingau.

By the way, in the Straußwirtschaft of the Mohr winery you could spend an unforgettable evening and enjoy the delicious Mediterranean and oriental cuisine of Mrs. Saynur Sonkya-Neher together with the top Rheingau wines and experience a variety of flavors that is second to none.

To ensure that the organic wines from the Weingut Mohr reach you in the most environmentally friendly way possible, we have decided to avoid the detour via our warehouse. Instead of first having them sent to our warehouse on pallets, the organic wines are now packed in shipping boxes by the Weingut Mohr and sent directly to you on our behalf.

Please order in total at least 6 individual bottles or 6 bottles of one variety at Weingut Mohr, or multiples thereof, i.e. 12, 18,  etc.. Shipping costs are € 14.60 to € 18.70 per order and address depending on the destination.
See delivery and payment.

Other wines in our range are shipped separately and shipping costs will therefore be charged additionally.


Registration and table reservations are recommended:

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