Domaine des Terres Blanches

Domaine des Terres Blanches

Domaine des Terres Blanches

Noel Michelin (a member of the tires Dynasty) founded the Domaine des Terres Blanches before 1970 and planted vines on 37 hectares of almost virgin soil at the foot of the Alpilles, a limestone mountain range south of Avignon / Provence. Based on his experience as a coffee plantation owner in Africa, he managed the Domaine Terres Blanches from the outset strictly organic. Supported by Georges Dutel, a gifted winemaker originated organic wines, which were among the best of Provence.

As often happens in France, the inheritance rules led for sale of the estate to a winery from the Luberon, but a few years later resold it to the Hild family from Alsace.
Shortly after the ownership changed again because for health reasons. Now the new owner Mr. Latouche from the Domaine Vallongue is re-invested in the winery, replacing dead vines, plnag new vineyards, but also in the building and equipment.  These measures will ensure the economic viability and the continued existence of this beautiful organic winery and allow the creation of some of the best organic wines of appellation Les Baux de Provence.


Organic wines of Domaine des Terres Blanches




Les Baux de Provence rred, 0,5 l
Les Baux de Provence rosé
Les Baux de Provence white
Les Baux de Provence "Petites Terres". red 
Les Baux de Provence, red
Les Baux de Provence, Cuvée Aurelia, red
Les Baux de Provence, red, 1,5 l, Magnum



  Domaine des Terres Blanches vineyard in front of the Alpilles suraoiunded by hedges und forests

 Organic vineyards of Domaine des Terres Blanches, protected by hedges and forest


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