Wine Accessoires

Wine Accessoires

Wine Accessoires

Fifty euros for a wine glass is probably a red line you shouldn't cross as a simple enthusiast, as ten to twenty euros will be generally enough. 

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Spiegelau, dessert wine glass, Vino Grande

Product no.: 7098

special wines like sherry, port, Rivesaltes & Co taste much better when drinking them from a specially crafted glass

4.50 € *

Delivery period 1 - 2 days

Lamellae corkscrew

Product no.: 7018

With a little skill and practice, you will not want to miss this corkscrew

8.50 € *

Delivery period 1 - 2 days
Delivery weight: 0.2 kg

Spiegelau, red wine glass "gobelet Vino Grande"

Product no.: 7094

affordable fine red wine glass for ultimate enjoyment of wine

4.90 € *

Delivery period 1 - 2 days
Delivery weight: 0.1 kg

Eisch, wine decanter Sensisplus, "no drop"

Product no.: 7102

Many good wines require the contact with oxygen they get in a wide-pored carafe in a short time

39.60 € *
In stock

Wine bottle holder suited for wooden wine shelfs

Product no.: 7201

Wine bottle holder suited to be attached on wine shelfs made of wood 

4.85 € *
Delivery weight: 0.3 kg

Wine - bottle - shelf, made of oak wood and barriques

Product no.: 7200

beautiful wine shelf hand made of oak wood and used barrique barrels

1,450.00 € *

Wine press can be used as a tasting counter, Wine Bar

Product no.: 7203

original basket of a win presse made of oak wood

3,500.00 € *
In stock

Wine shelf, made of an oak wine cask, capacity of about 120 bottles

Product no.: 7206

Wine shelf produced from the front, or rear of a large wine barrel. Suitable for private wine cellars or wine shops

295.00 € *
In stock

Spiegelau, white wine goblet, Vino Grande

Product no.: 7096

Affordable and stylish glass for organic white wine from Spiegelau Glass manufacture


4.50 € *

Delivery period 1 - 2 days
Delivery weight: 0.1 kg
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