Organic wine from Andalusia

Organic wine from Andalusia

The cultivation area for sherry wines covers approx. 10,000 hectares and is located on the southern tip of Spain near San Lucár de Barrameda, Jerez de la Frontera and Chiclana de la Frontera..

Sherry, but also sherry-like wines such as the organically produced Sierra Morena, are made from the grape varieties Palomino and Pedro Ximinez.

While the fermentation and maturation of a Sherry Fino takes place under a layer of yeast flora, which prevents contact with oxygen and thus oxidation, other sherries, for example an Oloroso mature longer. The yeasts stop working and sink to the bottom of the barrel. The wine is then exposed to the air and the desired oxidation can begin.

Anyone who spends their vacation in Andalusia should definitely take part in a guided tour and shery tasting in one of the famous sherry houses, which is like a real ceremony.