Organic wine Toro

Organic wine Toro

The recent history of the Toro wine region begins in 1932.

A decree of the Second Republic recognizes Toro as a designation of origin. 1987 is the founding year of today's D.O. toro

In the 19th century, large quantities of Toro wine were exported to France, as the vines began to be destroyed by phylloxera, which had migrated from America and caused a shortage of wine in France.

A little later, the phylloxera destroyed up to a few hectares of the vines of Toro and thus brought viticulture to a standstill.

Around 1970 efforts began to achieve an official designation of origin for Toro wines, i.e. the Denominacion Toro DO. This goal was achieved in 1987.

Around 2005, at the invitation of the Zamora Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we visited the Toro wine region and met the first organic winemaker, whose work and organic wines inspired us. Unfortunately, a long-term cooperation failed due to the inconsistent quality of your organic wines.

Today, 63 wineries are registered in the DO Toro, which cultivate 8,000 hectares of vineyards. Some of these areas are even found in nature reserves such as Tierra del Vino, Valle de Guarena and Tierra de Toro, which border the moorlands of Tierra del Pan and Tierra de Campos.



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