Organic wines for restaurants and shops

Organic wines for restaurants and shops

Are you a restaurateur or wine merchant?

If your company is registered in your country with a VAT number and an import license, then we could ship organic wines to you from 18 bottles up to any quantity, either in boxes by UPS or by paletts shipped by an carrier.

Please tell us in which product you are interested in as well as the quantity required and you will get a specific offer!


Our services:

  • Shipping of small quantities in boxes by UPS fast and safe
  • Shipping rates are charched per package with max. 18 bottles/32 kg or 30 litres of wine in bag in boxes (32Kg)
  • Minimum order 18 bottles of wine, rates on demand
  • Certificate for organic wines and food:
  • Biowein-pur/organicwinepure is certified according to EU regulation 834/2007 and VO (EG) 889/2008.


For sale:

Winepress (basket) rare,decorative for sale, it is suited as a wine bar, wine tasting bar, shop or restaurant decoration




Your offer is welcome