Domaine Joliette, Côtes du Roussillon Villages AOC, organic wine, red

Domaine Joliette, Côtes du Roussillon Villages AOC, organic wine, red

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Domaine Joliette, Côtes du Roussillon Villages AOC, organic wine, red, 2011


The knowledge and experience of each winemaker generation was passed on to the next generation in the Mercier family at Domaine Joliette, and each added new insights. They know the microclimate of each vineyard that has been planted with early or late flowering or ripening vines to produce high quality Côtes du Roussillon Villages organic wine



  • Colour: dark ruby red with brick coloured reflexions
  • Nose: distinct aromas of black berries, sweet spices, liquorice, vanilla
  • Palate: It's a powerful, warm organic wine made for the cold season.
  • Drinking recommendation: Well-seasoned dishes and spicy cheeses go very well with this Roussillon Villages. During maturation in the bottle a slight sediment may arise, so please don't move the bottle jerkily before and while pouring the wine into a glass or carafe. Serving temperature should be about 15°C.
  • Grape varieties:Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre
  • Alcohol: 14.5% vol..
  • Net quantity: 0.75 l
  • Vintage: 2011
  • Shelf life: 2021
  • Vegan suited
  • Allergenes: Contains sullphites
  • Closure: natural cork
  • Wine estate and bottler: Domaine Joliette, 56600 Espira d'Agly, France
  • Organic certified FR-BIO-01
  • We source this wine directly from the Domaine Joliette in Roussillon


Organic wine processing

Manual harvest, traditional winemaking, berries are exempted from the panicles, easily bruised and fermented during a 15 to 20 days with natural yeasts only. During these days the liquid is pumped over and stirred several times a day in order to extract as many flavours and colours out of the skins. Now the partially fermented must / wine is separated from the solids to continue the fermentation to an end. The malolactic fermentation develops while the young organic wine is stored 10 to 18 months in barriques (depending on the vintage and the age of the barrels.

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