Poggio Ridente, Ruchè di Castiglione Monferrato, S. Marziano, organic red, 2014

Poggio Ridente, Ruchè di Castiglione Monferrato, S. Marziano, organic red, 2014

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Poggio Ridente, Ruchè di Castiglione Monferrato DOCG, "San Marziano", organic red wine, 2014


Although the Ruchè is an ancient Piedmontese variety, its characteristics appear to be "modern".

The wine has a lively ruby ​​color with yellowish-orange reflections, a delicate aromatic bouquet of roses, shrubs and apricots.

These aromas are also noticeable in the mouth, with its medium body and taste very pleasant and harmonious.
It can be combined with food, so you can serve yourself in tuna not very environmentally correct) and of course to a piedmontese Brasato, ripe hard cheese or to a typical hazelnut cake from Castagnole, provided that it is not too sweet and the Ruchè wine has matured well .

Enjoy it on all occasions, alone, as a couple, for a meal, or in a cozy round at 17 to 20° C.

We recommend to decant it 30 minutes befor serving it

Storage up to 8 years from vintage

Vegan suited

Grape variety: Ruchè

Alcohol: 13.5 % vol.
Contains Sulfites

Organic wine certified by ICEA IT-BIO-006

Organic wine processing

The grapes are picked by hand from the middle of September, de-stemmed and quite traditional, but only fermented for 8-10 days with the grape-like yeasts. After malolactic fermentation, the young ornic wine matures for several months in stainless steel and large wooden barrels.

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