Torre alle Tolfe Colorino, Tuscany IGT, red, organic wine, from € 22.00

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Torre alle Tolfe, Canaiolo Tuscany IGT, red, organic wine, 2018, from € 22.00

As the name Colorino suggests, it can be used to produce very colorful wines which, as is the case with the Torre alle Tolfe Colorino from Tuscany, also produce very pleasantly aromatic and velvety soft wines.


Organic wine profile

  • Color: dark, bright garnet red
  • Nose: fruity scent of dark berries and exotic spices
  • Mouth: voluminous, fruity-spicy notes, velvety soft on the palate, long-lasting with a delicate bitter almond tone at the end, which I completely evaporate with increasing ventilation.
  • Serving recommendation: Please decant this wine for 1-2 hours before serving it at a temperature of 15-17 ° C.


Organic wine - processing, Torre alle Tolfe, Canaiolo Tuscany IGT

The manual grape harvest is standard in the vineyards of Torre alle Tolfe and a prerequisite for being able to produce true, clean, i.e. pure wines. This method avoids healthy, perfectly ripe grapes from coming into contact with unripe, overripe, rotten or mold-infested grapes, as can be the case with mechanical harvesting. However, this way of working is much more expensive and has an impact not only on the price, but above all on the quality.

The Colorino vines thrive on sandy vineyard soil that is oriented to the southwest. The grapes are fermented in a mash tank with the naturally present yeast for a period of 20 days. The maturation takes place in large oak barrels. The contact area between wood and wine is smaller and less intense than in small barriques. As a result, the aromas of the wine are less woody.


The wine at a glance

  • Type of wine: red wine, dry
  • Region of production: Siena, Tuscany
  • Producer: Torre alle Tolfe
  • Grape variety: 100 % Colorino
  • Fermenting: in concrete tank
  • Aging: in lare wooden barrels
  • Bottling: at the wine estate
  • Quantity: 0.75 l
  • Shelf life:  5-6 years from vintage
  • Analysis: Alcohol 14,47% vol., SO2 free 3 mg/l, SO2 total 26 mg/l.
  • Allergenes: contains Sulphites
  • Vegan suited
  • Certified IT-BIO-014
  • We purchase this wine directly from Torre alle Tolfe in 53100 Siena, Italy

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