Tenuta San Vito, Chardonnay, Amantiglio, IGT toscano pure organic white wine, 2016

Tenuta San Vito, Chardonnay, Amantiglio, IGT toscano pure organic white wine, 2016

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Tenuta San Vito, Chardonnay Amantiglio, IGT toscano, organic white wine, 2016


Colour: straw blonde shiny, attractive appearance

Nose: Scents of fresh apple, grapefruit and tangerine.

Palate: enchanting aromas, full-bodied, perfectly balanced, silky-smooth on the palate with an unforgettable, long finish.

Serving suggestion: with 10° C, it will go with lightweight starters consisting of a ripe, fresh figs with a few drops of balsamic aged 12 years or more, but also with fish and white meat dishes.

Should be enjoyed within 3 years from vintage

Suited for vegans

Grape: Chardonnay

Alcohol 14 % vol.
Contains sulphite

Closure: Natural Cork

Tenuta San Vito organic wine certified by ICEA, IT-BIO-006                    
Member of A.I.A.B. (Associazione Italiana Agricoltura Biologica)


Organic wine processing

The grapes are pressed immediately after harvest, avoiding any contact with the grape skins, fermented at cool temperature so the delicate fragrances of the Chardonnay grapes are preserved. it was stored until its bottling  only in stainless steel tanks and not in wooden casks in order to preserve the fruit specific flavor and fragrances.

Tenuta San Vito

After more than thirty years of biological cultivation of the vineyards, which are surrounded by forest and protected from foreign influences, the soil no longer contains any traces of pesticides sprayed earlier. Consequently, no systemic toxins can reach the grapes via the roots and finally the wine This is a distinct advantage over vineyards that have only recently switched to organic viticulture.

The Tenuta San Vito was one of the first wineries in Tuscany to take this step, thanks to Laura, who convinced her father Roberto Drighi of this idea. I can remember a tour of the vineyards with him when he asked me what our customers thought of his wines. They would love his wines, but they would find it expensive - and he answered that also he ahs to spend much mor money for organic viticulture, than for "chemical viticulture".

Although Roberto Drighi is no longer alive, Laura, who owns the Tenuta San Vito together with her sister, retired from the management several years ago and handed them over to her nephew, Neri Gazulli, who is passionately pursuing the task.


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