Cabernet Venezia DOC, Cantina Pizzolato, organic wine, red, from € 7.10

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Cantina Pizzolato, Cabernet, Venezia DOC, organic wine, red, from € 7,10


This Cantina Pizzolato Cabernet Cabernet Venezia DOC is a typical Venetian wine with respect to its origin and grape variety. Not too heavy, velvety and harmonious in the mouth, its moderate alcohol content gives it delicacy.

Organic wine profile

  • Color: ruby ​​red
  • Nose: the bouquet is fruity and vinous with notes of herbs and violets
  • Palate: Dry without being acidic, sweet without being sweet. Some tannins are present but do not weigh down the wine. It is velvety and harmonious in the mouth.


Organic Wine - preparation, Cantina Pizzolato, Cabernet Venezia DOC 

The Cantina Pizzolato is a modern and efficient company that can machine its vines, which mostly grow on flat terrain. This also includes the grape harvest. If the weather conditions were favorable in the course of summer and autumn and the grapes were healthy at the time of harvest, this does not mean a disadvantage for the quality of the resulting wine. Otherwise, the grapes are either sorted after harvest or the harvest is done manually. Only in this way is it possible to offer good organic wine relatively inexpensively. Only
those who, as wine producers, have oversized harvests, neglect the cultivation of the soil in the vineyards and the care of the vines, save on the payment of their employees, employ illegal employees and do not pay social security contributions, can offer organic wines at lower prices.

The Wine at a glance

  • Type of wine: red wine, dry
  • Grapes : Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc
  • Region of production: Veneto, north of Venice
  • Vineyard: Cantina Pizzolato
  • Fermentation and aging: in stainless steel tank
  • Bottling: at the winery
  • Quantity: 0.75 l
  • Shelf life: Within 3 years from the vintage
  • Alcohol: 12.0% vol.
  • Allergens: Contains sulphites.
  • Certified vegan
  • We buy this wine directly from the Cantina Pizzolato in Villorba, Italy

Pizzolato wine certificates:  IT-BIO-005 Pizzolato_organic certifications valid for EU, USA, Switzerland

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Merlot, Venezia DOC, Cantina Pizzolato, organic wine, red, from € 7.10 Merlot, Venezia DOC, Cantina Pizzolato, organic wine, red, from € 7.10
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