Bodega Saavedra, Corucho, LA ENCINA, Madrid DO, Crianza, organic wine, red

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Bodega Saavedra, Corucho, LA ENCINA, Madrid DO, Crianza, orgnic wine, red, 2017, from € 17,30


The grapes for this excellent organic red wine from Bodega Saavedra, Corucho come from the vineyard PEAZO LA ENCINA, from old vines with very low yields that give a wine with expressive aromas. They are harvested at night. Before being bottled, it was allowed to rest in the barrel for 8 months to reach its drinking maturity. Only 1,400 bottles of this wine were produced!

Organic wine - profile

  • Colour: intense cherry red with light edges
  • Nose: full aromas of fresh, red fruits (strawberry, cherry), balsamic spice notes with fragrant herbs, light, mild notes from the aging in the barrel.
  • Mouth: Strong structure on the palate, full, supple and soft in the mouth with sweet tannins on the finish that linger for a long time.
  • Drinking recommendation: Serve this red wine at 16°C, preferably with hearty dishes.


Organic wine preparation, Bodega Saavedra, Corucho, Peazo la Encina, Madrid DO, Crianza, orgainc wine, red, 2017

The grapes for this excellent red wine come from vines that are more than 55 years old and that thrive in the Peazo de la Encina vineyard.

The berries are harvested at night due to the high daytime temperatures. With this measure, the oxidation of the grapes and the spilled juice can be avoided and the full, fresh aromas can be preserved. In the winery, the berries are freed from stalks and panicles, lightly squeezed so that their juice can escape. Then the grape juice together with the berries including the berry skins form the mash. This mash then begins to ferment slowly and gently at a controlled temperature. In the process, the coloring matter and tannins contained in the berry skins, which are important for the later appearance of the wine, but also for its taste and shelf life, are dissolved.

When fermentation is complete, the wine is "racked off," or decanted, meaning it runs out of the fermenter into another tank, leaving the solids and much of the dead yeast bacteria at the bottom of the tank.

From now on, the wine rests for a few months in large oak barrels and the following spring, as the cellar temperature rises, malolactic fermentation, also known as lactic acid fermentation or biological acid degradation, begins. The slightly more aggressive malic acid contained in the wine is converted into milder lactic acid.

This is followed by an 8-month maturation in large barrels, during which it receives its finishing touches.

The organic wine at a glance

  • Wine type: red wine, dry
  • Production area: Madrid DO
  • Winery: Bodega Luis Saavedra
  • Varieties: 100% Garnacha
  • Aging: 8 months in large oak casks
  • Bottler: Bodega Luis Saavedra
  • Content: 0.75 l
  • Closure: natural cork
  • Vintage: 2019
  • Storable: 6-8 years from vintage
  • Alcohol: 14.5% vol.
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Allergen Advice: Contains sulphites
  • Organic certified ES-ECO-023-MA
  • We obtain this red organic wine directly from Bodega Luis Saavedra, Spain
  • For information and photos of Bodega Luis Savedra, S.L., Carretera Escalona Nº 5,  28650 Cenicientos (Madrid) España

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