Lagravera Cíclic, Costers del Segre DO, organic wine, red, from € 23.20

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Lagravera, Ciclic, Costers del Segre DO, organic wine, red, from € 26,40

Gold medal Concours International 2020

Soils containing lime and gypsum and the pronounced temperature differences between day and night are known for the fact that excellent wines can be produced here, such as this Lagravera Cíclic made from the red Grenache grape. 


Organic wine - profile

  • Color: dense garnet red
  • Nose: fruity and spicy scents of red berries and cherries, as well as wild herbs.
  • Mouth: Sweet tannins that express the ripeness of the grape and, over time in the bottle, make this wine a very round wine. It is very complex and wants you to approach it with patience and attention.
  • Drinking recommendation: Serve this red wine at a temperature of 16-18 ° C. 


Organic wine - processing, Lagravera, "Cíclic", Costers del Segre DO, red

Life is made up of cycles, and so is wine. They make us improve, grow, and develop ourselves and what we do. And so this wine "Cíclic" is a homage to all who appreciate it. It is a red wine made from the best Grenache Noir grapes from the Vinya Núria vineyard. This wine matures for years in the bottle, in which it can further develop and accentuate the complexity of the variety of fresh and mineral nuances.

The harvest is carried out by hand at dawn when the temperature is still cooler. Immediately afterwards they are brought to the winery in small boxes (so as not to damage them), so that the fresh aromas are preserved, the grapes are cooled to 6 ° C, then squeezed and pressed.

The fermentation of the mash begins spontaneously with the yeasts naturally present on the grapes. The wine then matures in barriques for nine months, which gives it a pronounced complexity. 

For this wine, all the work steps prescribed by Demeter were used, but the approval as a Demeter company was only granted after a waiting period of 3 years in 2014.


The wine at a glance

  • Wine type: white wine, dry
  • Region of production: Costers de Segre
  • Producer: Lagravera
  • Grape varieties: 100 % Grenache noir
  • Fermenting: in stainless steel 
  • Aging: 12 months in barriques
  • Bottling: at the wine estate 
  • Quantity in liters: 0,75 l
  • Closure: natural cork
  • Vintage: 2013
  • Shelf life: 15 years from vintage
  • Analysis: Alcohol 13.5 % Vol., Acidity 5.12 g/l, PH 3.31, Restzucker 0.1 g/l, SO2 total 43 mg/l.
  • vegan
  • Allergens: Contains sulphites 
  • Certified organic ES-ECO-019 CT
  • Certified biodynamic: Demeter
  • We buy this wine directly from Lagravera SLU, 25120 Alfarrás, Spain

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