Mas Estela Vinya Selva de Mar, Emporda DO, organic wine, red, from € 20,80

Mas Estela Vinya Selva de Mar, Emporda DO, organic wine, red, from € 20,80

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Mas Estela, Emporda DO, Vinya Selva de Mar, biodynamic redwine, 2008, from € 20,80


Mas Estela Vinya Selva de Mar is the top wine from Mas Estela, a winery with a thousand-year history, which took a fresh start in 1989. It is located in the Sant Roma Valley, which starts behind the small village of Selva de Mar and in which only the Soto-Dalmau family is the only winegrowing company that runs peacefully and undisturbed by others and produces this excellent organic wine.


  • Colour: deep, dark red, impenetrable color
  • Nose: exceptionally complex and intense aromas of black and red forest berries, with delicate spicy notes and hints of chocolate.
  • Palate: For all the power and intensity of this organic wine, one perceives a freshness and amazing mineral notes, which, together with its abundance of fruit and the still present tannins seem very harmonious. Overall fine, not so robust, almost feminine-looking, very elegant top wine, which reveals its quality immediately and no longer needs to be stored, but like to be kept for 10 years - which you probably will not do after you have tasted the first glass ,
  • Drinking recommendation: For this pleasure wine we recommend a drinking temperature of 18 to 20 ° C. Since this excellent wine is not polished, not filtered, it can form during storage sediments that form in horizontal position at the edge of the bottle and when stored on the bottom of the bottle. Please prepare this red organic wine in time for serving, keep it in a steady state so that the sediments settle on the bottom of the bottle. Do not shake the bottle before serving, pour it gently into the glass and refrain from pouring the last remaining in the bottle into the glass.
  • Grape varieties: 50 % Garnacha, 30 % Syrah, 20 % Carignan
  • Alcohol in % Vol.: 15


Organic wine processing Vinya Selva de Mar

The cultivation and care of the vines that grow on soil of slate partly on steep slopes and small terraces is done by biodynamic rules, which are also used in winemaking. Harvest takes place early in the morning in cool temperatures and is done by hand. Thus, the grapes are not crushed before the actual pressing since they are collected and transported to the nearby winery in  small 18 kg comprehensive plastic crates and not in large containers. The berries are separated from the panicles, cold macerated in stainless steel tanks and fermented at 22° C only with the grapes own yeast. This organic wine then aged for 15 months in barriques and 300 liters comprehensive French oak barrels. Bottling is done without previous fining and filtering.


The wine at a glance

  • Wine-Type: red wine
  • Grape varieties: 50 % Garnacha, 30 % Syrah, 20 % Carignan
  • Region of production: Emporda DO
  • Net quantity in liter: 0,75 l
  • Vintage: 2008
  • Shelf life:  2023
  • Maturation: in Barriques
  • Closure: natural cork
  • Producer and bottler: Mas Estela, 17489 Selva de Mar, Emporda, Spain
  • Allergenes: contains sulfites
  • Organic certified ES-ECO-019-CT
  • We source this wine directly from Mas Estela in 17489 Selva de Mar, Emporda.

Paul Bocuse

French top chef and restaurateur who for 60 years was a permanent owner of a three-star restaurant and inventor of the "Nouvelle Cusisine", cookbook author, but also a profound wine connoisseur, has appreciated the wines of the Mas Estela very much. He and the team of his restaurant appreciated the wines of the Mas Estela very much and paid tribute to the owners Nuri, Didier and Didac as you can see on one of the photos.

For information and impressions of Mas Estela

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