Sierra Morena Palido, Bodegas Gabriel Gomez, sherrylike organic wine pure

Sierra Morena Palido, Bodegas Gabriel Gomez, sherrylike organic wine pure

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Bodegas Gabriel Gomez, Sierra Morena Palido, 0,75l, Sherrylike organic wine of high quality


This Sierra Morena Palido is actually a Sherry, just can't call it that, because it is produced outside the designated sherry region. The . soil type, the grape varieties, the climate (extremely hot) to 42° C and the way of processing this sherrylike wine does hardly differ from the production of sherry wine. It has a light amber color, similar to a Fino but with less acidity and fuller flavor. Suitable as an aperitif and as an accompaniment to spicy dishes, tapas or even a whole menu


The Wine at a glance

  • Type of wine: dry white wine
  • Varietal: Palomino Fino and Pedro Jiminez.
  • Production region: Andalusia, Sierra Morena
  • Alcohol: 15% vol.
  • Tasting advice: within 5 years from the vintage
  • Aging: oak barrel
  • Closure: Cork stopper
  • Producer and Bottler: Bodega Gabriel Gomez, 14300 Villaviciosa de Cordoba, Spain
  • Allergen: Contains Sulphite
  • Organic wine certified by CAAE No. 4371



Winemaking of Sierra Morena Palido

While avoiding the contact between grapes, juice, cider and wine as possible in the winemaking of "normal" wine to prevent oxidation, it is desirable in the production of sherry and sherry-like wine such as the Sierra Morena Palido organic wine. Therefore, the must fermented in open fermentation vats, whereby a yeast pile forms on the wine and the yeast does not sink as usual from the bottom of the fermentation tank. The maturing of the Sierra Morena Palido takes place in large wooden barrels in the Solera process. A certain amount of the longest matured wine is removed from the barrel and replaced with the next oldest wine. Depending on the quality and the desired flavor, this process can take several years.

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