Tenuta San Vito, purest organic olive oil extra vergine, 5 l, Tuscany

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Tenuta San Vito, organic olive oil extra vergine, 5 l, Tuscany, hevested November 2020

Tenuta San Vito organic olive oil extra vergine, 0.5 l, Tuscany, harvested in November 2020


On the Tenuta San Vito they need 7 to 9 kilos of olives for one liter of high-quality organic olive oil. And in some years it requires the harvest of 2 trees that are not irrigated, not fertilized and not treated with chemicals. These are small olives, the core of which sometimes weighs more than the pulp. It is precisely
these olives that make the exceptionally good Tenuta San Vito organic olive oil, which is pressed in our own oil mill.


Organic olive oil profile

  • Color: light yellow-greenish
  • Nose: fresh fruity aromas reminiscent of green tomatoes and freshly mown grass
  • Mouth: mild, fruity, nutty taste with delicate bitter notes of connoisseurs of good olive oils.
  • Recommendation: a few drops of it drizzled on tender, fresh salads or ready-made dishes, create an irresistible Mediterranean pleasure.
  • Organic certified by IT-BIO-014
  • We obtain this olive oil directly from Tenuta San Vito in 50050 Montelupo, Tuscany, Italy

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Organic olive oil production on the Tenuta San Vito

The manual harvest of the olives takes place at the optimal time of maturation. Immediately thereafter, the olives are further processed in the own oil mill. The first process of oil extraction is washing and removing the leaves. Then they go through a screw conveyor into a grinding bowl, where they are ground to a pulp with a grinding stone. It is important that the temperature during the 30-minute process does not exceed 27 ° C.

The olives are then added to a centrifuge, which separates the components oil, water and pomace. The water and the pomace are disposed of. The remaining olive oil then still contains some water, which is completely removed in a separator with a centrifuge from the olive oil.

The olives for this extra virgin olive oil grow in olive groves that have not been treated with chemicals for more than 30 years. Of course, they are harvested manually and immediately cold pressed on the same day in the own oil mill.

Tenuta San Vito Organic Olive Oil is an absolutely natural product. It has a pale yellow-greenish color, fine fruity aromas and a mild fruity-nutty flavor with delicate bitter notes.

It was made from the varieties of olives Leccino, Maraiolo, Frantoio, 3 varieties that are typical in Tuscany and adapted for centuries to the climatic conditions

Recommendation: a few drops of it, sprinkled on delicate, fresh salads or ready meals, produce an irresistible mediterranean pleasure.


The usage date:

The use-by date stated on the bottles generally counts from the date of bottling on olive oils and can be either 12 or 18 months.

This means that olive oils are bottled by producers, oil mills, bottlers or traders, possibly already stored in the tank for several years and already at the time of bottling are oxidized, tasted rancid and are actually no longer edible, but cheap. Nevertheless, it is labeled with a consumption period of 12 to 18 months.

In my view, that is one reason why so many consumers are disappointed with the taste of many olive oils.

Since our oils and wines are stored in a cool and dark cellar at 8 to 15 ° C and not in warm storage and sales rooms with bright lighting, our olive oils age much more slowly, so the olive oil itself 18 months after the specified consumption period due to the original high peroxide number allows a longer shelf life.

Olive oil quality levels from top to flop

  • 1. Extra virgin olive oil: will be obtained directly from olives exclusively by mechanical means without heat (maximum 40 ° C). The acid content must not exceed 0.8%, it must be suitable without sensory errors and for consumption.
  • 2. Extra virgin olive oil: must also be obtained directly from olives using only mechanical methods without heat (maximum 40 ° C). The acid content must be less than 2%, it may have slight errors sensory errors, but it must be suitable for consumption.
  • 3. Lampan oil: acidity 2%, clearly flawed, may not be given to consumers, but must be refined.
  • 4. Refined olive oil: 1 is a mixture of refined olive oil (category 4) with virgin olive oil of category 1 or 2. an acidity of ≤ 0,3%. The typical taste and smell of an olive oil is no longer perceptible. It must not be given to consumers, but must be processed into olive oil of the 5th category.
  • 5. Olive oil: is a mixture of refined olive oil (category 4) with virgin olive oil of categories 1 or 2. with an acidity ≤ 1%. The mixing ratio is not prescribed so that the proportion of virgin olive oil can be 1-99%.

Have you ever wondered why there is only the very best and highest quality olive oil extra native to buy?

Whether at discounters, in the supermarket, in the delicatessen, in the health food store, in the organic supermarket or on the Internet, one finds only extra virgin olive oil at prices between 4 and 60 euros per liter.

Where is the second best quality, so the olive oil Native offered?

What is done with the following quality levels?


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