Kaffa wild coffee medium roasted, ground, organic & fair trade, 250 g

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Kaffa wild coffee medium roasted, ground, organic & fair trade, 250 g
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This Kaffa wild coffee medium roasted is a strong but smooth coffee with unusual flavors and rich full tone.



  • Production area: Ethiopia Kaffa province
  • Certified organic and fair trade Naturland




Further properties of Kaffa Coffee

This hand picked coffee comes from the region of Kaffa, the original origin of all coffees. Only there Arabica variety Coffee grows wild in the rainforest. Thanks to excellent natural growth conditions and low harvest volumes, the wild Arabica beans can develop unique flavors, which may vary depending on the type of soil in the different forests. They vary also from fruity, robust, austere, light and flowery. It is the art of the coffee roaster, to determine the correct beans, the perfect degree of roasting to preserve and highlight the unique character of the raw coffee in the final products.

Roasted is the "Kaffa" in artisanal style in small batches in the drum roaster at low temperature of about 200 °.

The Geo project

The aim of protecting the rainforest was launched by the GEO e.V. project "Bonga Forest" of the Ethiopian rainforest and its enormous diverstiy and different Coffea Arabica varieties.

Our supplier is the company Original Food, partners of GEO that sources the wild coffee directly from the cooperatives to significantly above world market prices. This along with a long-term purchase guarantee ensures the coffee growers a permanent and improved income. Thus an incentive is offered to them to protect and preserve the rainforest and its wild coffee trees. Accompanied is this project with an improvement in the health care and family planning, whereby environmental, economic and social sustainability is achieved.

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