Tenuta San Vito, purest organic olive oil extra vergine, 5 l, Tuscany

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1 l = 29.00 €

Tenuta San Vito, organic olive oil extra vergine, 5 l, Tuscany

An absolutely virgin organic olive oil !.

It has a bright yellow-green color, delicate fruity aromas and a mild-fruity-nutty flavor.
This fine oil is light, its acidity levels are very low (0.2 g / l).

Recommendation: a few drops of it dripped on delicate, fresh salads or ready meals, create an irresistible Mediterranean enjoyment.

Olive varieties: Leccino, Maraiolo, Frantoio)

Organic olive oil certified by ICEA

The organic olive oil production ot the Tenuta San Vito

The manual harvesting of the olives takes place at the optimum point of ripeness, normally during ther first 3 weeks of November. Immediately thereafter, the olives are processed in the own oil mill.
The first process of oil production is the washing and the removal of the leaves. They are taken via a screw conveyor into a grinding table, where they are ground with a grinding stone to mush (Gramolazione). It is important that the temperature during the 30 minutes continuous operation does not exceed 27 ° C.
Thereafter, the olive paste is placed in a centrifuge, which separates the components of oil, water and Sansa (pomace) from each other. The water and residue to be disposed of. The remaining oil still contains some of the water which is removed in a separator out of the olive oil.

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