Bodegas Corisca

Bodegas Corisca

Bodegas Corisca

A small family winery owned by the Fernandez family in the municipality of Salceda de Caselas (region: Galicia, Condado do Tea) in the immediate vicinity of the Rio Miño, which forms the border between Galicia (Spain) and Portugal.

It has 4 hectares of Albariño vines which are 35 years (2017) 35 years, so they are of the best age as quality is concerned. The autochthonous grape variety Albariño has been adapted to the humid, atlantic climate for centuries. They grow on mineral-rich soil of granite, gravel and sand, an optimal prerequisite for the production of high-quality wines. The grapes are small and rarely reach a weight of 200 g. They have a thick skin that protects them against the effects of moisture, but they also contain resveratrol, which is not very tasty to insects, but that does good to poeple.

The yield per hectare of grape vines is an average of 4,000 kg, which results in only about 2,400 liters of wine, but of the highest quality.

In general, the region of Rias Baixas enjoys the reputation of delivering Spain's best and most expensive white wines. But as in other regions also, some producers work according to the motto "there is nothing that can not be produced worse and cheaper".

The Bodegas Corisca of the Fernadez family certainly does not belong to this category. It is the only organic wine estate in the Rias Baixs area, and thanks to the humid climate prevailing there, thanks to the Albariño grape variety, it is able to produce a very pure and excellent RIAS BAIXAS Albariño.


Bodegas Corisca, Rias Baixas Albariño DO, organic wine white


Bodegas Corisca_Rias Baixas DO, Albarino, organic wine, white









  Bodega Corisca is a smal and pretty orgainc wine estate surrounded forests and hedges 


Bodegas_Corisca_Rias_Baixas_ organic_vineyard_shortly_before_the_harvest

   Vines at the Bodega Corisca growe on wires or on the pergala system like on the photo above


 Since roses are prone
to powdery mildew, they formerly served as a warning system so
  winemakers could protect 
their vines in time from beeing infected

  Bodegas Corisca, everything is prepared to start the manual grape picking in the organic vineyard


 manual grape picking is beginning


  Bodegas Corisca  ripe Albariño-grapes still on the vine

 Bodegas Corisca, Albariño grapes are picked carefully by hand 


 Bodegas Corisca, Natalia Fernandez controlling every cork before a capsiule is put over the cork