Domaine Julien de l'Embisque

Domaine Julien de l'Embisque

Domaine Julien de l'Embisque

Domaine Julien de l’Embisque

The Domaine Julien d'Embisque is located in Bollène in the Appellation Côtes du Rhône and has 60 hectares of vines on various types of soil, which each is planted with the best suited grape variety of the region. The whole area is surrounded and interspersed with forest, which not only protect against soil erosion (Mistral), but also from the drift of conventionally working farmers spraying chemicals. On light and poor sandy soil Viognier vines are planted, the Plateau Mont-Joli with soil containing limestone is for Syrah an ideal location, Grenache and Carignan grow very well on soils with sand, gravel and clay extremely well. These excellent conditions are continued in a highly professional work of the winemaking family Gaide. Thierry Gaide (father) with a focus on the vines, Evelyne (mother) management, sales, Fabien (son) a trained agricultural engineer and winemaker with a brilliant university degree (Bordeaux) and extensive practical's in Fabien Gaide - the winemaker - Australia and California is aside his father and responsible for winemaking.

Organic wines Domaine Julien de l'Embisque



Julien_de_LEmbisque_Rhone_roseDomaine Julien de l'Embisque, Côtes du Rhône, Cuvée Plaisir, Biowein, rotEmbisque_Suze_La_Rousse_Rhone_VillagesJulien_dEmbisque_Viognier






Côtes du Rhône, Cuvée Plaisir, red

Côtes du Rhône Suze la Rousse, red:

Côtes du Rhone, Suze la Rousse Villages, red

Côtes du Rhône, Estivale, rosé

Côtes du Rhône, Viognier, white

Côtes du Rhône rosé Bag in Box 5 Liter

Côtes du Rhône red Bag in Box 5 Liter


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Domaine Julien de l' Embisque, Thierry Gaide, the owner in his organic vineyard   
   Thierry Gaide - the owner of the organic wine estate Domaine Julien de l'Embisque                                                                                 

Domaine Julien_dEmbisque_the Gaide familly in the vineyard

Domaine Julien de l'Embisque - Family Gaide

Domaine Julien_dEmbisque, the first order for Biowein[pur] is leaving
 Domaine Julien de l'Embisque, the first palett for organic wine pure Hartl is on its way to Germany