Cantina Pizzolato

Cantina Pizzolato

For five generations the Pizzolato family lives and works in the north of the Treviso region, where the plane goes into a hillside and a few kilometers further north in the Italian-Austrian Alps.

The wine-growing areas in this part of Italy are shallow and slightly hilly terrain, permitting many works to be done in the vineyard by machines. Even most of the harvest can be made by machines if good weather conditions during the summer and fall produced healthy grapes. This advantage makes it possible to offer good organic wines at low prices

Their inexpensive, light and fresh organic wines are all VEGAN and they have no raw materials that contain or derive from genetically modified organisms.


Cantina Pizzolato_GM-free certificate for organic wine productionCantina Pizzolato_organic_certification

 Pizzolato_certifications valid for EU, USA and Switzerland




Cantina Pizzolato, Organic wine, Prosecco






Cantina Pizzolato, Merlot Venetia DOC

Cantina Pizzolato, Pinot Grigio Venetia, DOC

Cantina Pizzolato, Cabernet Venetia DOC

Cantina Pizzolato, Prosecco Spumante extra dry




La Cantina Pizzolato at the beginning of grape harvest


Cantina Pizzolato vineyard in spring