Francesca Rizzi, Prosecco Lunatico

Francesca Rizzi, Prosecco Lunatico

Francesca Rizzi, Prosecco Lunatico

Francesca Rizzi has only a tiny vineyard which belonged to her family's cottage while living in Venice. 15 years ago, Francesca decided to take over the maintenance of existing vines themselves and introduce organic viticulture without chemicals and artificial fertilizers. The house stands on the crest of a mountain with steep falling edge on the Francesca's vines grow. From here one caan overlook the many hectares of vineyards in the plain between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, ranging as far south as Treviso, where the grapes are grown for the cheaper and simpler Prosecci. The harvest is here twice or three times as large and all work including the vintage can be carried out with machines.

Quite different is the situation in the vineyard of Francesca. It is isolated not only by its elevation, but also separated by dense bushes and forest by other agricultural areas. The grapes can thus not be contaminated with pesticides that may be spread on neighboring properties. Ideal conditions for organic viticulture and the production of quality products meet the requirements of our quality. One may leave the English term "lunatic" are with insane or crazy for the idealistic Functioning of Francesco, but after having tasted this Prosecco, you see a that the work has paid off and an outstanding quality has emerged. In fact, the moon passes in its varied (lunatico in Italian) effect on the vines an important role.

Bob Tyrer's judgment in the Sunday Times of November 2011 was:

Lunatico is the best Prosecco I've ever met, so much more refreshing and more glorious than three champagne I tried simultaneously.

Francesca Rizzi, Azienda Agricola, organic Prosesso Spumante

Francesca Rizzi, organic Prosecco Spumante Superiore DOCG, Lunatico, Canegliano-Valdobbiadene

View from the Prosecco vineyard from Francesca Rizzi
  Vieuw from Lunatico vineyard into the prosecco plains

     Looking at these steep vineyards, on can image the hard work is required to produce Prosecco here

  Francesca Rizzi organic vineyard where the grapes for the Prosecco Lunatico derive from
 Organic vineyard of Francesca Rizzi