La Jara

La Jara

La Jara

La Jara means "pebbles" in the dialect of the region, and there is plenty of them in the La Jara vineyards. Below, however, is a fertile, sandy, calcareous soil, which has been transported here just like the pebbles of the river Piave from the Dolomites. This soil property is ideally suited for viticulture. The winery itself has been owned by the Marion family since 1891 and is today most modernly furnished and ISO-certified (UNI ISO 9001).

The cultivation areas are located in the plain, the vines grow in rows in the wire-drawing system (low trellises) and therefore almost all the work in the vineyard and even the grape havest can be done cost-saving with harvesting machines.


Organic red wine, Prosecco Frizzante, Spumente brut



     La_Jara_Prosecco_Frizzante_biologischLa_Jara_Proseeco_Prosecco_Spumante_extra_dry  La_Jara_Prosecco_Spumante_brut_Schaumwein_ bio


     Prosecco Frizzante tappo spago

     Spumante special brut  

    Spumante extra dry





    Vineyards of La Jara on the plains north of Treviso