Quinta do Montalto

Quinta do Montalto

Quinta do Montalto

The Quinta do Montalto is a farm with a total of 50 hectares of land

it is located in the great wine region of Lisbon (formerly Extremadura).

It is owned for five generations of the Pereira family who farmes it organically since 1997. In addition to organic wine, also organic fruit and vegetables are grown and processed to canned products.

The 15.5 hectare vineyards in gently inclined slopes are surrounded by forest un thus shielded from harmful influences of conventional agriculture. The organic wines are of good quality, some of which received several awards, the prices are calculated very moderate.


Organic wines of Quinta do Montalto


Quinta_do_Montalto_Aragones_Cepa_Pura_Aragonez_organic_wine_redQuinta_do_Montalto_Cepa_Pura_Touriga_Nacional_organic_wine_redQuinta_do_Montalto_Vinha da_Malhada_Reserva_organic_wine_redQuinta_do_Montalto_Cepa_Pura_Syrah_organic_wine_redQuinta_do_Montalto,_Vinha_da_Malhada_organic_wine_redQuinta_do_Montalto_organic_wine_white_in_bag_in_box










Vinha da Malhada, Regional Lisboa, red                   

Vinha da Malhada, Reserva, Regional Lisboa, red

Cepa Pura Aragonez, Regional Lisboa, red

Cepa Pura Touriga Nacional, Regional Lisboa, red

Cepa Pura Syrah, Regional Lisbon, red wine           

Filas, organic red wine in Bag in Box 3 l     

Filas, Organic red wine n Bag in Box 5 l   

Filas, organic white wine in Bag in Box 3 l            

Filas, organic white wine in Bag in Box 5 l    



Quinta_do_Montalto_organic vineyard proteted by hedges from foreign influences

 Organic vineyards surrounded by heges and forest of Quinta do Montalto

Quinta_do_Montalto_organic vineyard protected from foreigne influences by hedges and trees

  Organic vineyards of Quinta do Montalto

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