Weingut Mohr

Weingut Mohr

The winery Mohr exists since 1875

The soil in the vineyards around Lorch am Rhein has been telling its story for millions of years. The vines have been rooted in it for decades and it is the winegrower who watches, listens and cares for you and nature. For a unique enjoyment of nature. The winery Mohr operates modern organic wine production since 2014 according to the guidelines of ECOVIN. In harmony with nature, first-class organic wines are created here for your pure enjoyment. The Lorch steep slopes with the stony, schist and quartz soils are the estates big treasure, which makes it possible to produce high quality and unique organic wines.

The complex game of flavors and fragrances is the world of Saynur Sonkaya-Neher, wife of the winemaker and gifted cook who joins every meal with her husband's wines.

Weingut Mohr Facts and figures


The soil:

Blue slate, red Pyhllite Slate, Gray Taunus slate, Qurzit

The vines:

Up to 80 years old vines

  • 1% Scheurebe
  • 2% Muskaeller
  • 2% Silvaner
  • 10% Pinot Blanc
  • 10% Pinot Noir
  • 75% Riesling

The harvest quantity is according to grape variety and the age of the grape variety between 20 and 60 hl / hectare

The Riesling plays, this is typical of the Rheingau - also in the winery Mohr the parade role. In the supporting roles, under the excellent direction of Jochen Neher, racy Pinot Blancs, powerful and complex Pinot Noir, as well as elegant and sustainable sparling wines deserve high praise because they are always among the best of their kind in Germany.


Organic wines Weingut Mohr



Weingut_Mohr_Riesling_ Rheingau, organic wine Weingut_Mohr_Steinberg_Riesling_ erstes Gewächs,organic wineWeingut_Mohr_Riesling_Alte_Reben, old vines, organic wineWeingut_Mohr_Riesling_Spaetlese, organic wineWeingut_Mohr_tausend-und_1_Pearl,morganic semi sparkling wineMohr_Spaetburgunder_Assmannshaeuser Mohr_Weissburgunder, organic wine   Mohr_Pinot Noir, organic wine


Weingut Mohr, Riesling, Rheingau, dry

Weingut Mohr, Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir)

Weingut Mohr, Weißburgunder, Rheingau

Weingut Mohr, Riesling, Rheingau, Erstes Gewächs, Lorcher Bodental-Steinberg, dry

Weingut Mohr, Riesling, Rheingau, von alten Reben, dry

Weingut Mohr, Riesling, Rheingau, Spätlese, dry

Weingut Mohr, Rheingau, Spätburgunder, (Pinot Noir) Assmannshäuser Höllenberg, dry

Weingut Mohr, Rheingau, 1000 & 1 Pearls, organic semi sparkling wine bio


Weinberge_Rheingau_im Hintergrund ist der Ort Lorch zu sehen

   Vineyards on the right side of the river Rhine, in the back, the village of Lorch, home of
   the Weingut Mohr


Weingut_Mohr_Rieslingtrauben_aus biologischen WeinbauWeingut_Mohr_tasting a new vintage directly from the barres
   Organic wine tasting directly from the barrel
in the wine cellar of Weingut Mohr

   Perfekte Riesling grape grown in the
   vineyard of Weingut Mohr