Clos du Joncuas Vacqueras, La Font de Papier, pure organic red wine, 2014, from € 20,50

Clos du Joncuas Vacqueras, La Font de Papier, pure organic red wine, 2014, from € 20,50

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Clos du Juncuas, Vacqueras, La Font de Papier, organic wine pure, red, 2014, from € 20,50


If the following statement "sooner everything was better" is true, then it is the way in which the Clos du Joncuas Vacqueras  winery has been producing organic wine for more than a hundred years, even though the term did not exist then. Because none of the "modern" chemicals contribute to the improvement of wine quality, as you can see, smell and taste the clean characteristics of La Font de Papier Vacqueras!



  • Colour: Cherry-red
  • Nose: aromas of red and black Berries, sweet spices and herbs of Provence
  • Palate: very supple and harmonious, this full-bodied with complex aromas of fruit, spices and herbs.
  • Suited for vegans
  • Drinking recommendation: serve it with 16-18° C
  • Shelf life: 6 to 8 years from vintage
  • Grape varieties: 80 % Grenache, 20 % Syrah and others
  • Alcohol: 14 % vol.
  • Allergenes: Contains sulphites
  • Organic wine certified by FR-BIO-01, member of AB (Agriculture Biologique)
  • We source this wine directly from the Clos du Joncuas in 84190 Gigondas, Rhône, France


Organic wine processing Vacqueras La Font de Papier

Dany Chastan, one of the two charming daughters of the winemaker is responsible for winemaking in the cellar. She shapes the traditional style of wine as to Region, Grape and soil fits best. In early October, the grapes are harvested manually in optimum ripeness, followed by a slow fermentation in mash tubs for about 18 days without the addition of selected yeasts. During this operation, grape skins floating on the wine are regularly stirred with the must in order to detach all of the ingredients contained in the skins. During the subsequent 12-month aging in large oak casks, this organic wine is three times moved to different barrels, wherein the solids remain in each case on the barrel bottom. In this way, the wine clears itself without having to be filtered.arole Chastan (the 2nd Daughter) takes care of the management of the Clos du Joncuas.

Did you know that in the south of France, winemakers and farmers have been forced to change the nature of their crops in the last 180 years due to environmental and climatic / weather conditions? Around 1850 it was imported from America Phylloxera which brought the European vines to an end.

On the barren soils of the cleared vineyards, only a few other plants came into question, which can be successfully cultivated in the hot climate of southern France. Elsewhere, winemakers decided to run sheep, others planted mulberry trees and raised silkworms. In the area of ​​Gigondas, Vacqueras and Seguret they put on the olive cultivation. Although olive trees grow very slowly, the first small harvests and olive oil were produced after 10 years.

This phase lasted until 1956, when an unusually strong cold period caused all olive trees to freeze to death. Again the fields were cleared, the olive wood burned or used for handicraft products. After all attempts failed to master the Phylloxera pest with chemicals, it gradually succeeded in stopping her with the grafting of European grape varieties on American documents (which are resistant to Phylloxera). It was the first biologically active plant protection measure. Of course, it has also been exchanged for the American-derived vine diseases Peronospora and Oidium, which today still cause great damage and are fought with much use of chemicals.

Today we owe it to the strong coldness of 1956 that in many parts of the south of France wine is being grown again. As temperatures rise, our grandchildren may enjoy dates from Provence and wines from Norway or Sweden?

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