La Cappuccina, Arzimo, Recioto di Soave, pure organic sweet wine

La Cappuccina, Arzimo, Recioto di Soave, pure organic sweet wine

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1 l = 41.00 €

La Cappuccina, Arzimo, Recioto di Soave, 0,5 l, natural organic sweet wine


Dark Golden, almost amber. The bouquet of aromas are very complex - flowers, honey, ripe fruit, candied fruit, vanilla, apricot. Velvety, with a little acid as a counterpart adds freshness. The aftertaste is very long lasting.

Goes very with with a chocolate cake

Varietal: Garganega Alcohol

14.5% vol.
Contains sulphites

Organic wine certified by Sincert


Processing of Recioto di Soave "Arzimo"

the white Gargana grapes are picked by hand late in fall in full ripe state and immediately placed in small flat stackable and air-permeable boxes and stored in an airy room until January. Until then, the grapes lose about 50% of their weight. The juice obtained therefore contains a great deal of sugar, which only partially ferments (the yeast stops its activity by itself). Therefore, the Arzimo contains a balanced natural content of alcohol, sugar and acidity.


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