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King Charles in Bordeaux


King Charles' commitment to organic farming and the excellent organic products of his DUCHY brand, which we know from our daughter's visits to London, speak for him. It is also known that the organic wines of Château Haut-Smith-Lafitte are served at the royal court, so I assume that he can appreciate and judge good organic wines. In the future, such wines could perhaps also be an issue for organic wine [pure]?

Part of King Charles' visit program consisted of a Wine tasting, which also included an organic wine from a young winemaker who had been awarded the "Bordeaux-Engagé" prize by the Bordeaux Wine Growers Association. It was not their Cuvée Prestige, but an unsulphured wine that King Charles tasted. He just tasted her wine and not only took a sip, but also a second one.

As a result, the winemaker lost her entire Wine stock sold overnight. Source: Vitisphere Weekly


It's a shame that King Charles doesn't like our organic wines from Bordeaux and Bergerac tried, which we recommend to you today:


Bordeaux organic wines- new

New organic wines from Bordeaux and Bergerac

Château de Monségur Bordeaux Entre deux mers AOP, organic wine, white, unsulfured, €  8.80

Château de Monségur Bordeaux Supérieur AOP, red, biodynamic wine, €   9.80

Château de Monségur Bordeaux Supérieur AOP, Malbec , Organic wine, red, unsulfured,  €   9.80

Château Rocher Bellevue, Côtes de Castillon AOP, organic wine, red, €   8.55

Château Bouhans, Bergerac AOP, biodynamic wine, red, €   7.55

Château Moulin à Vent, Moulis en Medoc AOP, organic Bordeaux wine, red, € 17.80

Château Grillon, Sauternes AOC, biodynamic wine, naturally sweet, 0,375 l, € 16,50

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Link: to the entire range of organic wines from Bordeaux with all the information and how to order

The VITISPHERE WEEKLY report on the visit by King Charles and the Bordeaux winemaker Noémie I am sending you Tanneau from VITISPHERE WEEKLY. Feel free to send inquiries via email. hartl@bioweinpur.de



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We distinguish ourselves from others by

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  • do not offering so-called branded wines of unknown origin.
  • only buying and selling original estate bottlings .
  • not importing wines from overseas - Argentina, Australia, Chile, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA. In doing so, we act in an environmentally conscious manner according to René Dubois' slogan, "Think globally, act locally", which he presented at the environmental summit in Paris in 1972.
  • knowing each organic winery, the location and condition of the vineyards (Corona related with a few exceptions), know the working conditions and the social situation of the employees and the winemaking families.
  • testing each of our organic wines, knowing  them and describing them as factually and objectively as possible.
  • assessing the value of an organic wine based on the following facts: land costs, investment in buildings, machines, etc., location of the vineyards, number of vines /ha, harvest quantity/ha, number of employees, personnel costs in order to evaluate quality and price of the organic wines.
  • having never lost none of our initial enthusiasm for organic wine over the years.


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