Lagravera is an organic and biodynamic winery in Costers del Segre

Lagravera means "gravel pit" in Spanish, and on some properties where vines and fruit trees were originally cultivated, it was more lucrative for the Arno family's construction company to mine stones and gravel. That doesn't sound very romantic, but wine from this area wasn't worth much back then, and neither was the environment.

That only changed after the new Denominacion "Costers del Segre", ie a quality wine region, was created in 1988 and the environmental awareness of the Arno family ordered itself to compensate for the damage caused.

Since they were not farmers or oenologists themselves, they put together a competent team of agronomists and oenologists under the direction of Pilar Salillas and gave them the task of re-cultivating old and existing vines and planting new vines, without using chemical aids or fertilizers to use and to produce independent high-quality organic wines and finally biodynamic wines from the grapes.


Lagravera organic and biodynamic wines

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For the actual winemaking, they rebuilt a building that had been used by the construction company until then, which doesn't look like a winery at all, and equipped it with all modern equipment necessary for the preparation of good wines.



Lagravera, work in the vineyard on horseback


This is how the Lagravera team introduces itself

We are scientists by training and farmers by calling.
Both worlds meet in Lagravera, where we all observe and accompany our production processes, which are as natural as possible, without foregoing the latest technical advances and thus ensure the high quality of the biodynamic wines.

At our winery we work with a philosophy of maximum respect for natural processes that follows biodynamic principles certified by Demeter.
The energy of the moon affects everything, people, animals and plants. We are guided by its phases in order to optimize our vineyards and the quality of our biodynamic wines. Its effect on nature allows us to have healthy and strong soil on which to cultivate the vine.



Lagrava vineyard


Lagravera at a glance

  • Foundation of Lagravera: The first vineyard "Vinya Nuria" was planted in 2006 and from the beginning it was cultivated organically.
  • Founder and owner: the Arno family
  • Total vineyard area: approx. 27 hectares
  • Vineyard location Vinya Nuria: 12.62 hectares, soil type sand gravel, gypsum, altitude approx. 350 m, planting density 4,320 vines / ha, grape varieties Grenache red, Grenache white, Monastrell, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Marselan, Sauvignon Blanc and Trobat Negre
  • Vineyard location El Vinyet: 1.41 hectares, soil type clay, limestone pebbles, gypsum, altitude 450 m, planted in 1889 with 24 mostly unknown grape varieties such as Isaga, Pirineos 4, Pirineos 17, Trobat Negre, Trobat Blanc, Picapoll Roig, Heben, Valencí, Rojal, Mandó, Monastrell, Red Grenache, White Grenache, Sumoll Blanc, Macabeu, Muscat of Alexandria, Xarel lo, Pansa de la Noguera, Pansa Valenciana and others, as well as the globally unique varieties X8, X Avi 1997, X Avi 2167.
  • Vineyard location Mas La Parra: 11.21 hectares, soil type silt and gypsum with plenty of limestone, altitude 800 m, grape varieties: White Grenache, Tempranillo, Merlot, Cabernet and 1 ha with the 24 grape varieties obtained from the El Vinyet vineyard, plant density 3,250 Ha.
  • Vineyard location Les Pedrisses: 0.69 hectares, soil type alluvial loamy soils with small limestone pebbles, altitude 350 m, planting density 2,000 vines / ha, planted in 1935, grape varieties about 9 varieties: Sumoll Negre, Picapoll de la Noguera, Macabeu, Trobat Negre, Trobat Blanc , Nutmeg from Alexandria, Malvasía, Isaga and other unknown varieties.
  • In this area we don't know anything mediocre. But the continental climate with exaggerated contrasts gives our wines the best color, taste and texture, and naturally protects the grapes, which allows us to reduce the amount of sulphites.
  • Biodynamic wine production: certified by Demeter 2014


Preparing the biodynamic preparations 



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