Bodega Piedra, organic wine Toro

Bodega Piedra, organic wine Toro

This is how the owners describe the bodega Piedra:

It was the dream of the Scottish family Stone, who wanted to realize her great hobby: to produce excellent organic wines.


Our vineyard

established in 1968, is the largest old vineyard parcel in Toro.
Our team is made up of highly qualified professionals who ensure that every day their passion for wine is reflected in a quality product, a wine that reflects the character of the Duero lands.

The organic wines from Piedra

Piedra's organic wines were created to delight the senses, to celebrate life and friendship. With a wide range that is constantly expanding, our wines are tailored to the demands of the most diverse palates. From young and natural wines, made without sulphites or additives, to wines where the value of time and maturity can be appreciated, expressing the best of an old vineyard in the Toro region.


The soil is stony, alluvial, with a sandy surface, light and poor in organic matter, and a clay subsoil that helps preserve what little water the land receives. The continental climate, influenced by the Atlantic, causes large temperature differences between day and night. With long, cold winters and short but intense summers.



A plot of vineyards of 40.67 ha, planted in 1968 with traditional direct foundation and Gobelet training, with a density of 1,000 vines/ha with one of the purest and most original Tinta de Toro clones. The average annual rainfall is 350 mm. Due to the heterogeneity of the soil, the different orientations and the differences in height, it is divided into four sub-plots.



The intense work together with modern oenological techniques has made Piedra wines among the best and our winery a world reference in the area. From picking up the grapes to thorough selection, destemming, pressing, macerating, alcoholic and malolactic fermentation and aging, organic wine is our raison d'être.

The deep knowledge of the Tinta de Toro grape variety and an exquisite and meticulous work guarantee quality wines with personality, able to surprise and fall in love.

The history of the Toro wine region in a nutshell

Toro wines have a great tradition. Its origins date back to before the Romans settled and crossed the ocean at the hands of Columbus.

In the Middle Ages it was considered a highly valued commodity and received royal privileges that allowed it to be marketed in cities where the sale of other wines was forbidden.

Incidentally, it was wines from Toro that accompanied Christopher Columbus on his voyages of discovery in the 15th century. Later it was royal ships laden with wines from Toro that reached the New World.

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