The Erbaluna winery is located just before entering Montforte d'Alba.


It has been farmed organically by the siblings Andrea and Severino Oberto since 1985. In doing so, they continue the tradition of their ancestors.


The 15 hectares of vineyards are in close proximity to the winery. The soils in the vineyards consist of calcareous marls with layers of clayey soil on layers of sandstone.



The winery itself is well equipped from a technical point of view. Stainless steel tanks are available for fermentation and wooden barrels of various sizes are available for the maturation of the wines.



Piedmont - Langhe, vineyards near Montforte d'Alba


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All of their wines made from the Barbera, Dolcetto and Nebbiolo grape varieties are powerful and full-bodied, with the Barolo wines, especially the Barolo Vigna Rocche - a famous cru - is leading the way. The low harvest yields per hectare and the careful maintenance of the vineyards lead to excellent organic wines with good structure and long shelf life.




Start of grape picking in the Erbaluna vines

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