Organic wine Rheingau

Organic wine Rheingau

The wine region Rheingau on the eastern side of the Rhine between Wiesbaden in the south and Lorch in the north has many advantages due to the location of the vineyards along the Rhine. It is mainly the steep slopes, all day inclined to the southwest or west, and the heat-storing schist and quartz-bearing rocks that help the late-maturing Riesling to develop all its fragrance and aroma potential, which it can not reach in less good locations. Farming vineyards on steep slopes is labor- and cost-intensive and therefore also organic wines from such sources are not among the cheapest. However, anyone who is willing to pay a fair price will be rewarded with pure enjoyment.

Please note: For ecological and logistical reasons, the German wines are sent directly to you by the wineries. This enables us to offer you a more extensive range at lower prices.

Please order German wines separately for each winery.

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Weingut Mohr 1000 & 1 Pearls, (frizzante-style) organic wine, white, from € 8.00

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