Weingut Abril

Weingut Abril

Located between the Vosges and the Black Forest, the Kaiserstuhl can be seen from afar from the Rhine plain. A vineyard in the best sense of the word that emerged from a volcano that was active around 19 million years ago. Mineral-rich layers of earth formed on its flanks, which today, in combination with a favorable climate, offer excellent conditions for organic viticulture.

Unique traces of the early settlement were discovered when the new construction of the Weingut Abril on the local beach of Bischoffingen am Enselberg began in 2011. There were ceramic shards and the remains of large longhouses from settlers who farmed and raised cattle here 7,500 to 5,500 years ago.

With the new building on this historic site, the Abril winery is opening a new page in its more than 270-year history. Connected to the family tradition and the Kaiserstuhl, sustainable, i.e. organic, viticulture is now practiced, which is based on modern ecological and oenological standards of the highest quality.

Organic wine [pure] Hartl decided to work with the Weingut Abril not only because it is one of the few organic wineries that has the courage to develop really dry wines instead of just writing dry on the labels. But also because her the whole package seems to be perfect. This appeals to wine connoisseurs who choose wines carefully with regard to certain dishes. As you know, wines with a high residual sugar content can only be combined with very few dishes.

The 24 hectares of vineyards of the Weingut Abril are cultivated according to the biological-organic principles and controlled according to the guidelines of the ECOVIN federal association. The average harvest volume per hectare is 6,000 liters of wine, which is consistently and ecologically expanded in the modern winery. The avoidance of genetically modified yeasts and other genetically modified products is part of the company's philosophy.

In addition, the newly built winery is supplied with energy in a completely CO2-neutral manner.


Weingut Abril, organic wines from the Kaiserstuhl in Baden



Baden_Weinbau_auf terrassierten Hängen des Kaiserstuhls

Vineyards on the slopes of the Kaiserstuhl


Weingut Abril_Barriquekeller

That is where the organic wines from the Weingut Abril mature

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Weingut Abril Pinot Noir Stein, Magmatit, organic wine, red, from € 16,00

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Weingut Abril Rulaender Frucht, QBA, white, organic wine, from € 8.50

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Weingut Abril Chardonnay Zeit, organic wine, white, from € 22.50

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Weingut Abril Merlot Frucht, organic red wine, Kaiserstuhl, from € 12.00

Product no.: 3023

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1000 ml = 16.00 €

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Weingut Abril Pinot Gris Stein", organic wine pure, white, from € 15.00

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Weingut Abril Pinot Noir Zeit, organic wine, red, from € 35.50

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