Domaine de la Triballe

Domaine de la Triballe

Olivier Durand manages the Domaine de la Triballe in the 4th generation

The Domaine de la Triballe covers a total of 80 hectares, of which only 20 hectares are planted with vines. The remaining area consists of forest and garrigue, which surround the vineyards and represent a valuable ecological compensation area and offer wild animals, birds and insects a valuable habitat.

How intact the habitat is can be seen from the many small tree frogs that startle you almost every step of the way through the grass.


Olivier and his wife Sabine have been producing good certified organic wines with the appellations Côteaux du Languedoc, Gres de Montpellier and Pic Saint Loup, as well as various country wines, here since 1974.












Uschi Hartl and Olivier Durand in the vineyard


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Depending on the location, the soils in the vineyards consist of barren, stony soils, often accompanied by rolled pebbles and limestone broken from the soil. They related to this region with 4,400 vines per hectare relatively densely planted. The harvest volume is 20 to 40 hl / hectare, depending on the vintage. This means that the aim here is not to achieve high yields, but to produce sustainable, organic wines full of character.



Domaine de la Triballe, organic wine cellar

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