Château Cormeil-Figeac Saint Emilion, organic wine Bordeaux

Château Cormeil-Figeac Saint Emilion, organic wine Bordeaux

The siblings Coraline and Victore Moreaud inherited the Château Cormeil-Figeac from their parents.

They didn't want to sell it even though the prices of vineyards in Saint Emilion are incredibly high. They are connected to the property and the rhythm on the winery and feel responsible for it. And they didn't want to do it like your neighbors, who sold their château to banks, insurance companies, large corporations, the Japanese and the Chinese.

Photo left: Saint Emilion Grand Cru wines are decanted, i.e. transferred from a barrique to a new one, leaving the solids as a deposit.

Immediately afterwards they started to convert the Château Cormeil-Figeac to organic viticulture. The 2019 vintage is the second organic in conversion and is offered as Saint Emilion "Petit Cormeil". It is a seductive, rich and fruity red wine that is made from 100% Merlot grapes and is not sulphurized.

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Cormeil_Figeac_im Frühsommer im Weinberg
Château Cormeil Figeac in the middle of its vineyards in early summer

The Château Cormeil Figeac is all about nature and the grape

The three Châteaux (brands) Magnan Figeac, Lamarcelle Cormey and Cormeil Figeac consist of the wines from a single vineyard of 25 hectares, which is planted with 75% Merlot and 25% Cabernet Franc. The slope on which this vineyard is located faces south and is naturally drained and ventilated. The soil consists of clay, swelling clay, limestone with smectites and iron dross. It forms, so to speak, a terrace made of ancient sand in which a clay vein oscillates. In this sector of Saint-Emilion, bordering the Pomerol appellation (Pétrus is 2 km away), the vineyards, apart from the banks of the Médoc, benefit from one of the two hottest microclimates in Bordeaux. Thanks to these conditions, the grapes from Château Cormeil Figeac reach optimum ripeness every year.


Château Cormeil Figeac in Autumn

The work in the vineyard of Château Cormeil Figeac is varied

Pruning, driving out, lifting, thinning, defoliation, rooting, piling up or removing soil around the vines. A series of strenuous manual work is carried out throughout the year to train the vines to create ideal growing conditions. 'Nature gives us the rhythm. The key to success is not to react too soon or too late.


Coraline and Victor from Château Cormeil Figeac

are also committed to creating an awareness of organic viticulture and agriculture in general in children and young people. But also a comparison to conventional agriculture farming and the different effects of these opposing systems on the environment, human health and product quality. To do this, they started a collaboration with the local school. They planted bushes and trees on the edge and in the middle of the vineyards to loosen the monoculture and offer a habitat for insects and birds. These children and adolescents take the information they have gained home and discuss with their parents what can help to change consumer behavior.

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Schoolchildren planting trees in the vineyard of Château Cormeil Figeac

With this campaign, over the last 2,000 trees have been planted around and in the vineyards. This helps combat climate change because trees help reduce greenhouse gases, reduce high temperatures, provide shade, increase the water storage capacity of the soil, and improve biodiversity in the vineyards.

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