Biodynamic wine Emporda

Biodynamic wine Emporda

Our organic wines - biodynamic wines from Emporda come from a small valley in the northeastern part of Spain. As an ancient, very mountainous cultivated land, Emporda is ideally suited for the production of organic wine. The dry stone walls built countless centuries ago (there are around 40,000 km of them) held the earth on the steep mountain slopes before their cultivation was given up at the beginning / middle of the last century.

With the onset of tourism, it was easier to earn money. Some of these dry stone walls are still in place in the Mas Estela vineyards. This is where our Emporda organic wines come from, some of which are produced using biodynamic methods.

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Emporda DO Mas Estela Rucada red, organic wine, from € 12.90

Product no.: 2072

In this beautiful, serene and peaceful acting valley with its ideal conditions, at the Mas Estela only pure organic wines can emerge!

13.30 / bottle(s) *
1 l = 17.73 €

Emporda Crianza DO Mas Estela Quindals, red, organic wine, from € 15,40

Product no.: 2074

It's the respect for the environment and for you, who finds his expression in the Quindals organic wine and will inspire you.

15.80 / bottle(s) *
1 l = 21.07 €
In stock
Delivery period 1-3 days

Emporda DO Mas Estela Vinya Selva de Mar, red, organic wine, from € 25.40

Product no.: 2076

The Vinya Selva de Mar will delight you as a wine connoisseur, because that's where the winemakers' respect for you and the environment is!

27.50 / bottle(s) *
1 l = 36.67 €
In stock
Delivery period 1-3 days
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