Organic aperitifs & Co

Organic aperitifs & Co

With an aperitif before the actual beginning of a meal, be it in the restaurant or at home, you could forget the hurry of the day. It's enough to treat yourself to little treats, chatting with each other and looking forward to a more or less luscious menu. This practice, common in France or other southern countries, slows down the process of eating, enhances enjoyment and is thought to have beneficial effects on your health. The terms "slow food" or "mediterrare diet" refer not only to good cooking, good products, but also to enjoy them thoughtfully and consciously.

An aperitif, be it a glass of dry rosé or Prosecco can contribute, as well as a delicious natural sweet dessert wine for dessert or a small, high-quality grappa as digestif can be a successful conclusion.

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Corte Sant Alda, organic Recioto della Valpolicella DOC, natural sweet wine

Product no.: 6002

A naturally sweet dessert wine is produced with great effort. Not cheap, but worth every penny - for connoisseurs a great pleasure!

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1 l = 79.00 €
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