Château la Dorgonne

Château la Dorgonne


The Château la Dorgonne has changed hands three times in the last 20 years


If every buyer keeps the biological way of working and the previous team and initiates necessary innovations that contribute to improving the quality of the wine, a change of ownership can have positive effects.

The new owner is Monsieur Khater Khalil, a successful businessman from the hotel and restaurant industry who, among other things, also runs a hotel management school.


The responsible oenologist is Monsieur Jean-Louis Andrieux, who shapes the wine style. Operations manager and our contact person is Madame Catherine Barroero

Thanks to this smooth transition, the organic wines of Château la Dorgonne (the Dorgonne is a small stream that flows past the winery) are still available in the best and most reliable quality.

The Château La Dorgonne owns about 30 hectares of vines in an attractive location in a varied, fantastically beautiful landscape and pleasant climate of Provence, in which organic viticulture can be operated with less risk than in northern wine-growing regions.



Access to the Château la Dorgonne

The vineyards are very carefully tended. For the most part, they are machined, provided that this does not cause any loss of quality. However, if manual work contributes to the improvement of the wines, such as pruning in winter, breaking out excess shoots during the growing season, or harvesting the grapes, then up to 24 employees are available. Most of the vines grow on flat or slightly hilly terrain, almost all of them are small-scale and surrounded by protective forest, which protects against contamination by sprays from other farmers, but also serves as an ecologically important compensation area for the WINE monoculture.



Château la Dorgonne, organic vineyard surrounded and protected by forest

This working method, which is geared towards the highest quality, together with a modern, hygienically impeccable cellar facility and skilful winemaking, is the guarantee that we can obtain excellent organic wines typical of the region and grape varieties from Château La Dorgonne.

The result is due to the interaction of countless details and the coordination of many thoughts and hardworking people who recognize the needs of the vineyards and respect nature.

Château La Dorgonne - organic wines

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The organic wines of the Château la Dorgonne are of the highest quality and a convincing example of what is possible with committed, quality and environmentally-oriented work.

The constant search for the highest quality in all work steps, from soil cultivation, care of the vines, manual grape harvest to winemaking will always be the focus of everyone involved in wine production.

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