Organic wine Sardinia

Organic wine Sardinia

Our organic wines from Sardinia

come from the cantina Evaristiano, which was run by nuns until recently (2020). Subsequently, the company S.A. Evaristiano Società Semplice Agricola was founded in Oristano, which promotes viticulture and winemaking in a more professional

manner wisely continues and thus ensures social support for children and young people in need. The Cantina Evaristiano produces typical Sardinian organic wines exclusively from autochthonous Sardinian grape varieties that have adapted to the microclimate in vineyards close to the Mediterranean for centuries have. Supporting the preservation of old grape varieties was one of the reasons we chose the organic wines from Cantina Evaristiano. After all, there are enough wines made from internationally known grape varieties on all continents where the local varieties have long since disappeared. Further aspects of including the organic wines from Cantina Evaristiano in the range of organic wine [pur] were the social component, as well as the excellent quality of these organic wines from Sardinia.


Evaristiano-Weinbau-fast -am-StrandOne of Evaristiano's vineyards is located just a few meters from the beach

In Sardinia the climate has long been drier and hotter than in many other Mediterranean countries wine-growing areas. There has been a lack of water in agriculture since time immemorial. The dry soils didn't give up anything voluntarily; you had to force it out of them and be content with small harvests. Fruit, vegetables, grains, milk and meat products taste even more intense. This is also the case with grapes and the wine made from them, especially with organic wine from Sardinia, which is not helped with chemicals and synthetic fertilizers.

In Sardinia, vineyards are an integral part of the landscape, be it on the plains by the sea or in more mountainous areas inland.


Authochtone Sardinian grape varieties

  • Bovale: these are actually two different red grape varieties. Namely Bovale Sardo and Bovale di Spagna, who came to Sardinia from Iberia in the 14th century. The same origin is also assumed for the grape varieties Cannonau and Monica
  • Cagnulari: is another ancient grape variety cultivated near Sassari and used to produce Alghero DOC wines. li>
  • Cannonau: is the most famous wine in Sardinia and at the same time the name of a grape variety that thrives all over the island. According to one hypothesis, Cannonau could be a synonym for Grenache/Garnacha. The subcategories of Cannonau di Sardegna are Capo Ferrato, Jerzu or Oliena.
  • Bovale Sardo: and Monica di Sardegna can be found as a cuvée in the Mandrolisai Doc, which is produced in the region Sulcis is produced in the southwest of Sardinia.
  • Carignano: It is said that the Phoenicians were the ones who brought this grape variety to Sardinia, which is now offered as Carignano del Sulcis DOC.
  • Monica di Sardegna: is one of the oldest grape varieties in Sardinia and is grown throughout Sardinia. It produces pure red wines, but also cuvées with Bovale and Cannonau.
  • Malvasia and Moscato are mainly used to produce famous naturally sweet wines that are not well received in Germany. The situation is similar with the sparkling wines that are produced from these grape varieties.
  • Nuragus: is one of the most popular and widely cultivated white grape varieties in Sardinia, from which fine and elegant white wines are made.
  • Vermentino di Sardegna: is clearly the flagship of the

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Evaristiano Vermentino di Sardegna, "Is Araus",organic wine, white, from € 13,55

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Organic wines from Sardinia reflect the Mediterranean climate, to which they owe their natural harmony providing you great joy.


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Evaristiano Monica di Sardegna DOC, red, organic wine, from 15.55

Product no.: 1182
Soil, sun, wind and sea and the winemakers of Meloni Vini reach for the highest possible quality for their true Sardinian organic wines 

soon available

15.95 / bottle(s) *
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Evaristiano Cannonau di Sardegna DOC, "Aristo", organic wine, red, from € 15.55

Product no.: 1180
Organic wines from Sardinia reflect the Mediterranean climate, to which they owe their natural harmony providing you great joy.

soon available

15.95 / bottle(s) *
1 l = 21.27 €
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