Domaine des Terres Blanches

Domaine des Terres Blanches

The Domaine des Terres Blanches

was founded by Noel Michelin (a member of the tire dynasty) in the 1960s.

On almost virgin soils that were previously only used for farming sporadically, he planted vines on 37 hectares for the first time, which have been cultivated organically ever since. This made him one of the pioneers of the organic wine movement in the Les Baux de Provence appellation, south of Avignon at the foot of the Alpilles, a limestone mountain range.

Based on his negative experiences with the use of chemicals on his coffee plantation in Africa, it was a real need for him to take environmental concerns into account and to satisfy the need for pure, natural wine of conscious wine connoisseurs. In the course of a neighborly collaboration with the Domaine de Trevallon and the commitment of Georges Dutel, a gifted oenologist and head of the Domaine des Terres Blanches, organic wines were created that are among the best of the Les Baux de Provence appellation.

As is so often the case in France, the inheritance regulation led to the sale of the winery and changed hands three times within 15 years, briefly affecting the continuity of quality.

Now it is again in the possession of a winemaker with great experience who is investing again in the winery, missing and dead vines are being replaced by young vines and a few hectares have already been replanted. These measures will ensure the profitability and continued existence of this beautiful organic winery and enable the production of excellent organic wines.

Provence is worth a trip and there are good wines and wineries like the Domaine des Terres Blanches to discover. This is also possible online with some restrictions:
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Domaine des Terres Blanches organic wines

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Stream on the edge of the vineyards of the Domaine des Terres Blanches



Weinreben der Domaine des Terres Blanches, im Hintergrund die Alpilles


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