Quinta do Cardo orgainc wine, Beira Interior organic wine red

Quinta do Cardo orgainc wine, Beira Interior organic wine red


This large organic winery Quinta do Cardo is located in the wine-growing region Beira Interior in the north-eastern part of Portugal on the border with Spain on the 40th degree of latitude, such as Madrid. It is situated on a plateau between the Douro National Park and the historic village of Castelo Rodrigo.

The team of Quinta do Cargo


The terroir

The vineyards of Quinta do Cardo aat an altitude of 750 m. The soils in the Quinta-do-Cardo-boss-winemakersvineyards are dominated by granite rock and interspersed with slate rock, but sandy areas also contribute to the variety of geological conditions. The plateau on which the wine-growing areas are gently undulating, with steep and high mountains of the Maoro'fo and Castelo Rodrigo that provide plenty of water. It is an area that radiates stillness and peace in which one likes to stay and work.

The continental climate with Atlantic influences, as well as the temperature-balancing effect of the nearby rivers Douro, Câo and Ágoedo

The vineyards have an impressive size of 79 hectares . The first vines were planted back in 1932, they are now over 90 years old and don't produce as many grapes as younger vines, but because they are deeply rooted, they absorb more minerals in the deep, moist layers of soil and produce more intensely tasting grapes . 


Quinta-do-Cardo-MilchdistelThe name"Quinta do Cardo" comes from the large milk thistles found on the properties. The extract of these thistles is used as a coagulant for the production of sheep's milk cheese.Serra da Estrela, one of Portugal's oldest and most famous cheeses. The color palette of this thistle ranges from bright gold to purple and lilac and gives its surroundings a unique character.

Theorganic viticulture was introduced at Quinta do Cardo 2009 and onwards In 2014, allorganic wines were certified by the state-approved testing companySativa. From the point of view of those responsible for the winery, this was an important step towards protecting biodiversity and the agricultural ecosystem. 


The Organic white wines of Quinta do Cardo have a fine structure, freshness, lightness and Authenticity, they are aromatic and elegant. The Organic red wines  ;are expressive and strong and are characterized by their unique personality as well as their sensory variety and depth, which allow conclusions to be drawn about the unique terroir.

Quinta do Cardo at a glance

  • Wine growing region: Beira Interior
  • Location: Castelo Rodrigo
  • Climate: continental with Atlantic influences
  • Area under vines: 79 hectares
  • Soil Type: Granite and slate weathered soils with partial sandy sections
  • Age of the vines: 25 to 90 years
  • Organic farming: since 2009, all certified organic frim 2014 vintage
  • Grape varieties: Siria, Touriga Nacional, Fourige Franca, Rufete, Alicante Bouchet
  • Grape picking: by hand

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