Courelas da Torre

Courelas da Torre

Courelas da Torre is not one of the large landowners


who shaped the landscape in the Alentejo and recognized the high quality and fertility of the soil as early as the 18th century. Around 1880, the then most powerful Eduardo Barrancos family decided to divide and sell their Herdada da Torre property consisting of vineyards and grain fields in Courelas. Hence the name of the wine "Courelas da Torre".


One of these Courelas with 19 hectares of land was taken over by the Fale family, whose descendants cultivate the vineyards, orchards and vegetable gardens organically. In addition to the annual production of 20,000 bottles of organic wine, typical products from the Alentejo made from fruits and vegetables are preserved and sold in the region. The Fale family consists of the father (Jorge), who is responsible for the agricultural activities, his wife (Mamy Felisbela), who has everything in hand, and two sons, who produce very good organic wine.




The Alentejo covers 22,000 hectares planted with grapevines (comparable to the Palatinate). They range from the Atlantic coast in the west to the Spanish border in the east and from a few meters up to 1,000 m above sea level. The soil and climatic conditions vary accordingly. Regardless of the location, temperatures of over 40 ° C are common in summer, making the Alentejo one of the hottest wine-growing areas in Europe.




Cork belongs to the repertoire of agricultural products of the Alentejo, and therefore you will not find a wine bottle with a screw cap. It is also the cork oaks that have spared the Aletejo from large-scale forest fires, because the cork bark has been fire-resistant for a long time, in contrast to the rapidly growing eucalyptus and pine forests, which have been increasingly planted in recent decades and burn like tinder.

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