Shipping & payment

Shipping & payment

Minimum order value for organic wines as well as other products.

  • Minimum order value: € 60.00 per order and delivery address
  • Ordering steps: please order only in steps of 6, i.e. 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 or 18 bottles. The shipping boxes are unbreakable only if all the bottle compartments are filled and balanced. Otherwise, the shipping service providers may refuse to pay compensation in the event of damage.
  • You can order as many individual bottles as you wish within this framework
  • When ordering 6 or more bottles per item, we reduce wine prices by € 0.20 / bottle, and by 12 bottles / item by € 0.40 / bottle. This is true with a few exceptions.


Delivery time

Germany: 2 to 3 days

EU-countries: 2 to 5 days

Deliveries will be made from Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm.

Shipping costs flat rate per order and address

Germany: € 7,75

If you want to avoid having your package delivered to a neighbor, we ask for your message stating the name and address.
If you are not at home on the first delivery attempt, the courier will leave a notification in your mailbox indicating the address of an access point where you can pick up the package during the following 7 days. Packages weighing more than 20 kg will be delivered to you a second time. In this case, please contact the parcel service for an appointment.


Different conditions in other EU countries concerning rules for the import of wines

In deviation from the German VAT of 19% shown in the shop, we are obliged to invoice the VAT applicable in the recipient
country from 2022 and, if wine tax is payable there, to invoice it. We pay these taxes and duties to the German tax office,
which forwards these amounts to the tax authorities in the recipient country.
If you order from us, please only pay the amount after you have received an invoice from us. 


Shipping costs per package with up to 18 bottles or 28 liters in bag in box with a maximum weight of 32 kg


Zone 3, Austria, France, Luxembourg, € 14,60
Zone 4, Italy, Monaco, € 17,40
Zone 5, Spain (without Canay Islands), Portugal € 19,90
Zone 31, Croatia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Czech Republic € 15.95
Zone 41, Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Romania € 18,70

Other EU countries levy consumption taxes or prohibit the purchase of wine by mail order if there is no tax representative in the recipient country.


In deviation from the German VAT of 19% displayed in the shop, we have had to calculate the VAT and wine/alcohol tax valid in the recipient country since 2022. You can continue to order from us as usual, but please wait with payment until you receive an invoice from us.


After we have placed the Tranpsort order, you will be notified that package (s) are traveling to you. These will usually arrive within 2 - 5 days. If you are not home at the time of delivery, parcels weighing up to 20 kg will be dropped off at an access point near your address where you can pick the package up within 7 days. For parckages over 31.5 kg, a second delivery attempt will be made. You can contact the parcel service first and schedule the 2nd delivery. With the parcel number you can see on the parcel service website the transport route and the day of delivery, but not the delivery time.

If at the time of your order you do not know whether you will be home on the day of delivery, you can give us the name and address of another person who can accept your package. We will then ask UPS to deliver it to the appropriate person. Deliverers are not entitled to hand over packages to other persons. In such cases, parcel servfices will not be liable for the loss of any packages. For reasons of youth protection, wine parcels may not be handed over to minors!



Payment Methods



New customers

Pre - Transfer to our bank account using the system SEPA ( It is safe and quick. Your order will be shipped immediately after receipt of payment.


PayPal, safe, easy, fast.
If you are registered with PayPal with an account that covers the amount you intend to pay for your order, it is a quick and easy method of transferring  money free of charges. The dispatch of your order follows immediately after the confirmation of Paypal has arrived..


Regular customers


Purchase on invoice
Payment by bank transfer 10 days after date of invoice

We will send you our invoice together with the goods or by e-mail, with the request to transfer the invoice amount to our account within 10 days using the SEPA system as described above.